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Friday, 28 March 2014

Before planting tomatoes

Before planting tomatoes , we must know in advance the properties of the tomatoes associated with the season . The tomatoes were planted during the rainy season can actually thrive despite the obstacles pretty much . Results tomatoes in the dry season better , but a lot of pests .
Here is how to grow tomatoes :
# Prepare the soil as a medium Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia for growing tomatoes .Tomatoes can thrive when the soil loose . Therefore, the soil must be dug , ditraktor , or plowed first. The depth of cultivation should be between 30-40 cm . After hoeing , leave for a few days in order to reduce the exposure matahri possibility of pests and diseases
# Create a seedbedMake the beds in the loose soil has . Width of beds approximately 100 cm - 200 cm and a length of 10 m - 15m or can be adapted to the soil conditions . After the seedbed is completed, the land can be smoothed / flattened .
# FertilizerProvide basic fertilizer in the form of compost and TSP . Fertilizer can be a way of fertilizer sown on flat ground then ground hoe to mix. Or it could also use a way to make a hole as deep as 15 cm and 20 cm in diameter and fertilizer put in the holes are then backfilled soil and stirred until well blended fertilizers and soil .
# NurserySeeds / seedlings can be planted directly in soil that has been prepared or can be sown earlier . Nursery aims to facilitate maintenance .

# PlantingTomatoes planted with wide spacing is 2 dirempel system ( 50x50 cm spacing or 60x60 cm ) and free system . How to grow with the primary objective is to let the free system shoots grow into large branches and bear fruit .

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Do not let the sake of appearances, you are too excessive

Do not let the sake of appearances, you are too excessive in adding accessories baby clothes. If you really want to wear accessories use to taste, if you can try it as simple as possible. Some of the accessories is quite dangerous for the baby. Avoid the use of accessories in the form of ropes because it can make the baby suffocated. Ribbons can also create a baby tersedak.Aksesoris easy regardless, sequins, brooches or other, feared the baby can grab and insert intoSOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 his mouth. Clothes hooks of metal materials such as zippers, it is feared could be rusty and make a baby in pain as his stomach, choose clothes hooks snap fasteners, buttons do not always, because fear can come loose and get into the baby's mouth.
Also, do not let your appearance for the sake of choosing baby clothes are complicated. Choose a simple model of baby clothes and "normal" as well as practical make a baby at the time when you wear them or replace them to be comfortable. Nor should choose clothing that is too tight, that even makes infant irritability. So note the size of your baby clothes. Remember, the baby needs comfort, choose clothes that really make the baby comfortable. Watch the Current Use
Once you make sure that your clothes have safe and comfortable for the baby, do not forget to keep an eye on the condition of the baby or your baby's skin. Because we consider it convenient not necessarily feel the same baby. Note after a while baby wearing, whether the baby be scratched so easily sweat or baby or babies or not be fussy. Then when the baby is washed, browse the entire surface of the baby's skin, if there is a rash, irritation or other things. Baby Clothes Washing Tips
Avoid washing baby clothes using powder detergent. Because this type of detergents usually contain chemicals that can make sharper easy baby skin irritation. So to be safe, use a liquid detergent alone. Regarding fragrance, try to avoid too, or if you want to keep using it, do not go overboard, because the smell of the fragrance produced comes from chemicals. And it is dangerous if the fragrance wafted by the baby.
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Source: Tips for Choosing Safe Baby Clothes # ixzz2whivuaZ8

Monday, 17 March 2014

Please note that organic farming techniques that we practice

Please note that organic farming techniques that we practice here is organic farming Organic Farmers Padepokan style " Walatra Prosperous Earth " , so maybe a little different from that developed by other colleagues Organic Farming fellow activists in the homeland :) Even so , any formula or whatever his name became angry that organic farming will inshallah give a plus , especially in preserving the earth in the future . ORGANIC AGRICULTURE COME ...!

Varieties : Red Chili local


    Land Area : 1400 M3
Population : 3000 trees
Planting Date : December 29, 2012
Location : Padakembang , Kab . Tasikmalaya , West Java
Owner : Padepokan Organic Farmer " Prosperous Earth Walatra "
Growing concept
How does the concept or principle of organic farming -style red chili Earth Walatra Makmur ( BMW ) it ? The following is the outline :

We will not engage / use of chemical insecticides to combat pest infestation - fleas and insects , including caterpillars and fruit flies . Instead, we use organic insecticide called " AntiLAT " Bumi Makmur Walatra production .
We are not going to involve fungicide and bactericide for tackling diseases CHEMICAL fungus / fungi such as yaws ( anthracnose ) , Fusarium wilt , late blight , stem rot , root mace , or rot caused by bacteria . Instead, we use a biological or organic fungicide called " NoPATEK " Bumi Makmur Walatra production .
We will not use chemical fertilizers as a source of nutrients or plant nutrients , either NPK , KNO3 , UREA , ZA , SP , KCL , AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE / DOLOMITE , or any other artificial fertilizers . Instead, we use organic fertilizers kocor named " Solid Organic Fertilizer ( POP ) BMW " Prosperous Earth Walatra production in which already contains a complete nutrient that is ready to eat . The manure should be added as long as it is ripe , even though no use is not a problem .
We will not use HORMONE products and plant growth regulators ( PGR ) SYNTHETIC as a supporter of the physiological processes of plants , especially in boosting the growth and development of plants . Instead , we use the " Liquid Organic Fertilizer ( POC ) BMW " Prosperous Earth Walatra production already contains fertilizer in which the leaves and fruit fertilizer , plant growth regulator and major plant hormones .
We will not eradicate weeds or weeds using chemical Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesiaherbicides to preserve biodiversity in the soil and the environment , but we cleared the weeds manually and periodically through field workers .
stages of Cultivation
1 . getting Seeds
As mentioned above , chilli varieties we grow on this occasion was a local red chili . Seed purchased from nearby traditional markets , namely the market Cikurubuk , Tasikmalaya . We bought in the form of whole fruit is really ripe , as many as half kg and then we peel and seeds taken . We only choose chilies plump - plump , large , long , dense contains , smooth , shiny and flawless especially from yaws lesions or ulcers and foul .0000012 - Chilli Red in the Market
Figure 1 . Red chili peppers on the market
Of course we took enough steps that extreme or big risk because we do not buy seed store that has been tested . Though the concept of agribusiness good , the seed is the first vital factor that we must consider . Seed is a great investment because it affects the outcome of your crop production in the future . Poor quality seed will open the probability of failure due to low production levels and disease vulnerability . Conversely good seed production will open the chances of success . Borrowing the term college kids , seed quality is measured by two factors : the value of quality in physiological and pathological . Good quality seed is physiologically have good germination and also able to grow simultaneously with uniform properties and high crop pr JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKALoductivity . While the pathological , good seed and do not carry disease pathogens and plants can grow and have resistance to certain diseases .

Saturday, 15 March 2014

On 22-23 June 2013 ago , we had the opportunity to exhibit in Bogor .

On 22-23 June 2013 ago , we had the Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayanity to exhibit in Bogor . The event , titled " organic products as Indonesian cultural heritage " is followed by various communities , groups of farmers , as well as a variety of organic and herbal manufacturers .
As a participant , farmer groups we also had the opportunity to share experiences . Filling talk show on the main stage . Primarily , we explain about what has been done and applied in our land . Ie use traditional natural farming fertilizer nutrients and microorganisms diverse local homemade .
This year we entered the year - 6 apply to natural farming in paddy fields and gardens . As well as still being studied nature , plants , and animals that we cultivated . Includes study of diverse participants and visitors .
Leave a commentfrom → News , NutritionFruit of Fruit NutritionFebruary 18, 2011tags: pineapple nutrients , natural fruit stimulants , liquid fertilizer swamandiriexperienced by farmers
When introducing a variety of natural nutrients to the surrounding neighbors , many who are interested in making nutritional fruit . For making easy , does not require high cost , and the result is aromatic . Even nutrients consumed this fruit can also be used alone if the fresh fruit .
Nutrition is a nutritional fruit that is given to the current crop will bear fruit . Any plant can , including rice . Nutrition is made from fruit juice . Any fruit can be used , except orange . Citrus fruit nutrients for citrus crops .
If given to the plant , the fruit does not need to be used fresh . But if you want to consume it for health , must use fresh fruit . I usually use cheap fruits and rarely purchased in the market . For example, brown or pineapple .
According to wikipedia , pineapple contains a lot of phosphorus ( P ) which is good for growing flowers or fruit on the plant . Besides pineapple also contains potassium ( K ) and calcium are also two types of nutrients needed by plants . While Chrysophyllum contain a variety of nutrients and carbohydrates are good for both plant and microorganism growth .

Kuliner Balikpapan How to make fruit nutrients is quite easy . As much as one liter of juice plus as much brown sugar 3 tablespoons . The mixture is then sealed , and aged or fermented to wait up to one week . Then the moment will be sprayed into the plant , the fermented liquid plus chicken egg yolk .
Application is not a lot of nutrients . Quite as much as 200cc nutrition for 15 liters of water . Why is 15 liters ? Because I use the spray tank size of 15 liters . This is to facilitate comparison of the current tenants will squirt of fruit nutrients using the spray tank . The nutrient solution is sprayed onto the leaves and soil around the plants will bear fruit when .
The result , in the last harvest , each one quintal of grain produces 80 kg of rice . That's why a lot of farmers around me who are interested in making nutritional fruit . Because the results are better than using synthetic stimulants that are expensive pieces .
Hopefully gradually get to know the farmers in my village and applying organic farming methods . To be more fertile farmland , more produce , and water quality of the river / irrigation better . Uncontaminated synthetic chemicals from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides manufacturers .
Leave a commentMicro- organisms from → Local , NutritionLights to Introduce Organic FarmingFebruary 18, 2011tags: encourage organic farming , organic farmingexperienced by farmersnutrition
Convince the neighbors to return to farming naturally not easy . It's like a marketing task to convince consumers to buy new products . But there is no harm in introducing this method of natural farming neighbors . Because after nearly four years of farming experience , I began to feel the benefits . At least for myself and a big family . Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia Farmers in my area are not much higher education . Because it is difficult to explain that organic farming if it is safe for the environment . In order for farmers around me " ngeh " that the plant nutrients that can be made better than urea fertilizer , I use the indicator lights .
I know the indicator lights from my friend fellow organic farmers . If the plant nutrients or liquid organic fertilizer or cow urine is tested using the indicator lamp will light up . While urea solution will not turn on . The following illustration of the electrical circuit . Lamp wattage used is quite small .
Illustration of an electric circuit indicator lights
Through visual indicator lights , I can explain that urea " no nothing " compared to the homemade plant nutrients . Although urea containing abundant nitrogen for the plants , but if used excessively it will damage the soil and eventually invite pests and plant diseases .
If judging scientific terms , a simple indicator light on the instrument is lit because the electrochemical reaction occurs in natural nutrients . Nutrition is a natural self-made nature of electrolyte . While urea solution is not so .
Liquid nutrients are fermented liquid derived from certain microorganisms of the soil , plants or fruits . Fermentation is a chemical process that is lengthy . This process occurs in the cells of microorganisms . The fermentation process involves electrons derived from organic compounds itself. So the process is anaerobic , or without oxygen produces a liquid electrolyte that is .
While urea is an organic compound with the chemical formula ( NH2 ) 2CO . Urea is solid , colorless , and odorless . When urea is dissolved in water and ionizing neutral nature . Since there are no ionizing then urea electrolytes . So that the indicator light is not lit .
As already described , a simple ligh AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAt indicator is used as a tool to explain the different natural nutrients with urea fertilizer . That many natural nutrients containing microorganisms and enzymes that is good for the soil . Microorganisms that this will provide a variety of nutrients for plants .
While urea fertilizer containing only nitrogen . On the ground , urea still need help soil microorganisms to break down the molecules into ammonia and carbon dioxide . In order to be absorbed by plants .
Moreover, if the land is given too much urea , the soil will be acidic . Because soil microorganisms transform into a molecule of urea nitrate . The abundance of the molecules causes soil nitrate in the soil is acidic and not good for plant growth .
However , again , not easy to convince farmers to reduce the use of urea around and switch to organic methods . They are accustomed to and feel that the fertilizer manufacturers are still better than making your own .
In addition , many of the farmers economically that has another part-time job or to meet their basic needs . Many wives also choose to become migrant workers abroad in order to meet the economic needs of the whole family . Because according to them , living from farming alone is not enough .
Therefore, I explain to them that by making your own fertilizer and nutrients for the plants , we can save the cost of expenses to buy urea . And that the purchase price of organic rice over regular rice .
Plus, we can produce rice for the family JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL healthy . Even nutrients can be consumed alone made ​​for health . With notes , the raw materials used are still fresh .
Alhamdulillaah ... After I share my knowledge with the neighbors , there are some who became interested in making their own nutrition . Although only one or two types of nutrients . Hopefully they will gradually switch to a more natural way . At least that soil and water in the village contains many pollutants from pesticides and chemical fertilizers .

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

2 Tips Ki Paetukutuku te Tīni Being I te Whārangi 1 Google

2 Tips Ki Paetukutuku te Tīni Being I te Whārangi 1 Google
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Pulau Pramukatoa e taea te rapu te whārangi tuatahi o te paetukutuku te whakamahi i Google ki te kupu matua e hiahiatia ana . Hei tauira , ki te hokona e koe Ultrabook Best Cheap kōhi e hiahia koe i te whakamahi i ngā manuhiri e i te whārangi 1 whakahaere te paetukutuku tīariari Kupu matua marau . Pehea ahau e hanga he paetukutuku kia ki i te whārangi hei 1 e whai ake Google tohutohu Tere kia taea ai e koutou i runga i te whārangi 1 paetukutuku o Google .
Fele tīmata katoa e rua ngā tikanga ara I Site me Off Site . He aha I Site me Off Site ?I te pae
I te pae te tikanga o arotaunga i te mea e te hunga i roto i te paetukutuku ake , pērā i te kōwhiri i tētahi kaupapa tātauira rau rānei ranei , i roto i te raupapa ki te hoahoa i tētahi URL hoa Seo , te tīpako i H1 taitara ihirangi
Judi Bola Online me te whārangi taitara e he Seo hoa ranei , te kupu matua , me te kia atu e kua anake i kitea i roto i te to tatou paetukutuku ake .Off pae
Off Site tikanga arotaunga kupu arotaunga whārangi paetukutuku i hanga matou i runga i te atamira o te On Site ranei .
Taea e koe te reira katoa e koe ranei haina i te āwhina o ngā ratonga Seo i he ingoa pai ranei, he tohu ranei e taea te tuku i runga i to ratou mahi i te whaiaronga paetukutuku mō te āheitanga katoa ki te koe i te pūtea iti .
Ko te kupu kia whai hua tatou i teie mahana kōrero

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Parfois, j'aime le plaisir, si vous voulez lire

Parfois, j'aime le plaisir, si vous voulez lire le livre afin de rendre sa cartographie de l'esprit sont les points les plus visibles de la discussion du contenu du livre.
Eh bien, l'un des livres que j'ai lu c'était " 7 merveilles de subsistance ", écrit par un jeune de motivation , son nom Ippho Santosa - cerveau droit d'experts ( de commercialisation créative ) . Auteur de livres méga- b Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercaya est-seller ( entrant MURI ) . Et il est aussi l'un des intervenants du séminaire Indonésie et Singapour .Honnêtement, je n'ai jamais rencontré des séminaires de l'enfer , entendre - entendre enfer excité ... J'ai attendu invité wkwkwkkk ajah ... ( mode ngarep sur ) : P
Parce qu'il ya toujours une connexion à la commercialisation et le contenu des livres est aussi bonne remarquable à mon avis, il n'y a pas de mal à son esprit la carte que j'ai posté ce blog comme une page spéciale . Désolé si sa cartographie de l'esprit en désordre , c'est à cause de mes propres limites dans la compréhension du contenu du livre . Y compris mes propres notes supplémentaires , le contenu du livre au-delà mas Ippho , mas désolé ..
Espérons que cela peut apporter des avantages à la commercialisation de l'Internet en Indonésie tout , surtout moi personnellement afin de garder l'esprit et motivé à devenir une habitude même les personnages dans la recherche de moyens de subsistance et un sac de $ $ $ à partir d'Internet , kekekekkk ... ;) Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia  [audio:|titles=Akhirnya|autostart=yes|loop=yes]
Pour voir plus clairement l' image ci-dessous , s'il vous plaît cliquer sur l'image et l'agrandir !
7 merveilles de subsistance» 7 merveilles sustentation » 7 merveilles du contenu de la subsistance de livre » 7 merveilles de subsistance Ippho santosa » Ippho santosa 7 merveilles de subsistance » Sept Merveilles de subsistance » 7 merveilles subsistance livre Ippho santosa » 7 merveilles de subsistance livre Ippho santosa » 7 merveilles subsistance résumé » résumé du livre 7 merveilles sustentation » 7 merveilles de la fortune Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercaya62 Responses to " 7 merveilles de subsistance "« Commentaires plus anciens

safira dit:
7 janvier 2014 à 13h33

Je ressens à ce sujet sur ​​que je vends nano pulvérisation je reçois beaucoup de réponses à toutes mes questions, parce que d'abord je ne crois pas serait de vendre des marchandises , mais memanh miracle aubaine
nano pulvérisation MGI dit:
6 janvier 2014 à 12h28

article de paquet constante , la permission de partager
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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Kiri » Home » CSS , oju-iwe ayelujara - oniru » Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah

Kiri » Home » CSS , oju-iwe ayelujara - oniru » asiri nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara oniru ( RWD ) pẹlu HTML5 ati CSS3Asiri ti nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murahmo , September 13 , 2013Nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara oniru ( RWD ) ni o wa ni ayika increasingly gbajumo arin ti 2010 , o wá lati ẹya article kọ nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara nipa oniru Etani Marcotte lori aaye ayelujara . Ni awọn article o tanmo bi o ayelujara kan oniru le ṣe iwọn awọn ifihan lori ẹrọ bi kan to rọ Mobile ati Ojú lai nini lati ṣe awọn meji ti o yatọ awọn aṣa fun kanna akoonu pẹlu akoonu , lati awọn wahala ti o n fun ibi si Erongba ti nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara oniru jẹ diẹ to rọ ati ki o le mu fere gbogbo awọn oriṣiriṣi iboju .
akojọ kan yato si

" Awọn Iṣakoso ti awọn ti awọn ẹniti nṣe apẹẹrẹ mọ ni tìte alabọde , ati nigbagbogbo fe ninu ayelujara alabọde , jẹ nìkan iṣẹ kan ti aropin awọn tejede iwe . A yẹ ki o gba esin naa o daju wipe ayelujara ko ni ni kanna inira , ati awọn oniru fun yi ni irọrun . Sugbon akọkọ , a gbọdọ " gba awọn ebb ati sisan ti awọn ohun . "
John Allsopp , " A Dao ti iwe ayelujara ti oniru "
Awọn nọmba ti awọn olumulo ti alagbeka ẹrọ bi fonutologbolori ati awọn tabulẹti ti wa ni npo si gbogbo ọjọ , orisirisi lati kan jakejado orisirisi ti kọmputa kekere , iPad , iPad , ati iPad kan jakejado orisirisi awọn ẹrọ ti awọn Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayapẹlu awọn Android ọna šiše ko ni dabi lati wa ni ailopin . Šaaju ki o to dide nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara oniru bi o ti jẹ loni ti o ba ti o ni lati eto ki o si ṣe gbogbo ti awọn wọnyi awọn ẹrọ le jẹ fun mi tikalararẹ jẹ ohun ti aimọgbọnwa ati ki o wo aimọgbọnwa , o si je dara fun mi o kan si idojukọ lori awọn oniru ti a nikan han lori deskitọpu iboju nikan .
Ayelujara Awon Difelopa jade nibẹ yoo ko wà ipalọlọ lati bori isoro yi , o yoo fun ibi si oro nṣe idahun Ayelujara sii oniru lati idagbasoke lori titun CSS CSS3 ẹya-ara ti o ni o ni kikun support fun bibori orisi awọn ipinnu lori iboju pẹlu titun ni imuposi , oniwa Media yoowu ti .
Nibẹ ni o wa 3 mojuto eroja ti o gbodo tẹlẹ ninu nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara oniru ni ibere lati ṣiṣẹ daradara , eyun lori rọ Grids , ito Awọn aworan ati awọn media yoowu ti . Ninu awọn mẹta eroja diharafkan kan nigbamii oniru le orisirisi si si orisii ti o yatọ si iboju , ko si beberapapun ọpọlọpọ awọn ẹrọ to ti wa tẹlẹ , pẹlu nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara oniru le gbogbo awọn ti wa ni dari nikan ni kan nikan oniru .
nṣe idahun ayelujara oniru

Nšišẹ Pẹlu awọn rọ akoj / rọ akkÀwọn Origun nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara oniru ni irọrun ti wa ni kosi be lori akoj ara , ti o ba ti wa ni dapo nipasẹ awọn oro

akoj a le lo idakeji awọn ofin ti o wa ni siwaju sii awọn iṣọrọ to rọ akk / awośe. Nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara oniru Ki gbajumo bi o ti jẹ loni je lẹẹkan ojúlé osise komputa glued si iboju tabili pẹlu kan ti o wa titi iwọn oniru ati ki o duro si ti ṣe si aarin oniru . Ti akọkọ jẹ maa n ni diẹ ayelujara awọn ẹniti nṣe apẹẹrẹ lati lo kuro px ( awọn piksẹli ) fun awọn ifilelẹ ati Text iwọn sugbon fun nṣe idahun oniru Lọwọlọwọ siwaju sii Awon Difelopa lo kuro % ( ogorun ) bi re arọpo , ni a ti pinnu lati eto awọn ifilelẹ ko ni dabi gan ati ki o le to rọ nigba ti han loju iboju o yatọ si ipinnu .
O le berencanan lati ropo atijọ oniru pẹlu kan diẹ nṣe idahun oniru, o yẹ ki Mu eyikeyi iru awọn aniyan nitori atijọ oniru si tun le ṣee ṣe nṣe idahun pataki lati ni oye ti Oti ti eyikeyi ìkọkọ :) . Ni lokan pe awọn nṣe idahun oniru ti wa ni o kan ti ndun ni ayika pẹlu CSS , ki sibẹsibẹ wipe bayi dagba awọn awoṣe ki o to lo nṣe idahun ohun gbogbo le ṣee ṣe nikan nipa ọrọ kan ti awọn wakati , ma ṣe gbagbọ ? mule o :)
Simple isiro agbekalẹ lori rọ akojAwọn awọn aṣa ko ba wa ni ojo melo lo diẹ Responive px kuro ninu bi apẹẹrẹ ni isalẹ CSS :
. legbe {iwọn : 300px ;}. ni akoonu {iwọn : 700px ;}. { fi ipari siiwọn : 1024px ;

pairs of free classified ads without register  }

Loke ni akọkọ akoj iwọn ti o ga ni aworan iwọn : 1024px ati fun awọn legbe iwọn : 300px ati akoonu iwọn : 700px . Nibi Mo gbiyanju lati se alaye ninu awọn fomula ati ki o se isiro lati se iyipada iye ti px ( awọn piksẹli ) ni lati paarọ rẹ pẹlu iwọn ti % ( ogorun )afojusun / o tọ = esi300px / 1024px = iwọn : 29,296875 % ; / * 300 ( Ni akọkọ 300 ) / 1024 * /700px / 1024px = iwọn : 68,359375 % ; / * 700 ( Ni akọkọ 700 ) / 1024 * /Lati awọn esi ti o wa loke se isiro le ri ninu awọn ogorun iye ti CSS ifaminsi bi isalẹ
. legbe {iwọn : 29,29 % ;}. ni akoonu {iwọn : 68,35 % ;}. { fi ipari siiwọn : 1024px ;}

Agbekalẹ loke le tun ti ni lo lati ṣe iṣiro iwọn awọn ọrọ ( fonti iwọn ) , Sọ ni deede o tọ fun ara fonti iwọn jẹ awọn piksẹ
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercayali 16 . Ti o ba fẹ lati tokasi wipe H1 yẹ ki o wa ni 24 piksẹli , ki o si o le pẹlu awọn ropo won kuro lati ṣe iṣiro o bi wọnyi :24px / = 16px 1,5 wonPẹlu CSS aza yoo šee gba ifaminsi bi eleyi:
H1 {fonti - iwọn : 1.5em ;}

Kosi wa ti tun ẹya rọrùn ona lati ṣe iṣiro awọn agbekalẹ loke nipa lilo oju-iwe ayelujara nṣe idahun oniru iširo , o le taara sambangi adirẹsi nibi

Nšišẹ Pẹlu awọn ni Media yoowu tiCSS Media yoowu ti wa ni ọkan ninu awọn ẹya ara ẹrọ ti CSS3 gba o laaye lati mọ nigbati kan pato CSS ofin yẹ ki o wa ni gbẹyin. Eleyi gba e laaye lati kan kan pato CSS fun Mobile awọn ẹrọ . Media yoowu ti le wa ni wi lati wa ni ọpọlọ ti nṣe idahun oju-iwe ayelujara oniru diarea yi jẹ nitori a ni pipe Iṣakoso ti nṣe idahun oniru awośe wa nigbamii.
Nibẹ ni o wa 3 Awọn ọna lati pe awọn media yoowu ti :1. Lilo @ gbe wọle lati gbe awọn imu Style lati Style dì omiiran.
@ wole URL ( style768min.css ) iboju ki o si ( min - iwọn : 768px );

2. Dialling Style dì ifaminsi taara ni HTML ati yi ni maa n ni wọpọ ona ni julọ o gbajumo ni lilo Olùgbéejáde loni. Tempat Daftar Taruhan Online Gratis@ Media iboju ki o si ( Max - iwọn : 768px ) {/ * CSS aza * /}@ Media iboju ki o si ( Max - iwọn : 320px ) {/ * CSS aza * /}@ Media iboju ki o si ( Max - iwọn : 240px ) {/ * CSS aza * /}

Ni awọn oniru ti awọn media yoowu ti Max - iwọn yẹ ki o jẹ awọn placement ti awọn koodu yoo dara ju kan nla ti o ga lati kan kere o ga tabi ti o tun le lo min - iwọn media yoowu ti , pẹlu kan gba awọn ọkọọkan awọn yoowu ti lilo kekere o ga lati kan tobi o ga. O ti wa ni niyanju wipe ki o siwaju sii awọn iṣọrọ eto kan ọkọọkan y
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