Thursday, 20 February 2014

Terjemahkan dari: InggrisLigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercaya

Terjemahkan dari: Inggris
Getting quality seed .Preparation of nursery / nursery .Land management .Land for cultivation of papaya can be ;garden soil , paddy soil and upland soil .
Land to be planted papaya should be cleaned firstof weeds / trees that interfere with th
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Tillage planting papaya can be done with the land penyangkulanor papaya in plow land / tractor to scarify the soil .Furthermore , make a hole about the size of L 50m P 100 ( for the purpose of seed per hole candidates in the content and direction of long - papaya 2bibit TB ) a depth of 50cm . ( Less )Land at the former lobangan lobangan Rid of mouth about 0.5m .papaya plant
Aperture area of papaya crop is good and right early critical success Becomes fertile .
Sidelines of the side hole in
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blushes mature compost fifth sack ( there are several stages of composting) , cleaning aired in about a week .Furthermore compost in the comb with a hoe along the ground (soil mix until blended ) in the insert in the hole , all set palir for irrigation .Then allow a period of about a week papaya seedlings planted two seeds per hole contents papaya ( papaya plant selection candidates are perfect when it starts flowering in life 1 best ) .

For papaya spacing can use :
distance of 2.5 x 3.0 ( T - B direction ) ,
or 2.0 x 2.5 ( T - B direction )


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