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Candidates who have

In Thailand, white kale is also cultivated on land as well as in Indonesia, but it is more popular white kale grown in water. Candidates who have AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA
not experienced farmers, usually cultivate watercress, kale especially land, as well as in the vast expanse. Harvest, will also happen at the same time, making it difficult to market. Because kale is only needed in a fresh condition, with limited volume. Until its cultivation was also to be adjusted with the volume that can be absorbed by the market, as well as other types of vegetables.

For example, if the market absorption is only 1 quintal of fresh kale per day, then it should be pursued with crop planting one hundred pounds per day. If any hectare of land can produce 20 tons per harvest 1.5 months, then to meet the needs of the market quintals per day, enough 0.5 acres of land required, which is criss-crossed into 50 plots @ 100 m2 with a size of 10 x 10 m, 20 X 5 m, or 25 x 4 m. With this plot of land, planting (seeding) is done every day, just two days or three days.

Stocking three days, still allowing the harvest of each day, with a long-stem kale crop first, not too different from the second and third harvests. However, the seed peebaran once a week, the difference between the first harvest day to day seven of the same plot, it will look very striking. Can also, the seventh day of harvest will produce a lot of kale with stems. Planting swamp land continuously on the same plot of land, will lead to land degradation.

To overcome land degradation, farmers always rotate some commodities on the same plot. For example, kale planted after corn, or beans. Organic fertilizers are needed in large enough volumes, to make the texture becomes crispy kale stems. Although fertilizer is granted, urea is also still required in high doses, because if only rely
SARANG303 AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA on organic fertilizers, harvest volume will be low. In addition, ground water spinach also still need water in sufficient quantities. If less water, plant growth will be stunted, and also reduced the level of crispness rods. (R) # # #

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