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Plant maintenance needs to be done

Plant maintenance needs to be done to get healthy plants, good, uniform and obtain high yields. Maintenance of cassava include:

     Stitching. If there is cassava plants which die or grow very miserable replanting should be done immediately. Time for replanting later than 5 weeks after planting.
     Weeding and Pembumbunan. Weeding is done when it began to look existence of weeds (plant pests). Second weeding done at 2-3 months old cassava at once by doing pembumbunan. Pembumbunan done to improve the soil structure so that cassava can be grown to perfection, strengthen the plants so as not to fall down.
     Disposal shoots. Performed at 1-1.5 months after planting, when the plants grow in more than two shoots.
  Cassava including tropical plants, but can also adapt and grow
well in sub-tropical regions. In general, these plants do not require
Roller Blinds climate
specific for growth. However, cassava will grow
with both the climate and soil as follows:
Rainfall: 750 -1000 mm / yr
High places: 0 -1500 m asl
Temperature: 25 degrees - 28 degrees Celsius

Texture: sandy to clay, grow well in clay soils
sandy sufficient nutrient
Structure: loose
Soil pH: 4,5 - 8, the optimal 5.8


Good cassava seedlings, derived from mother plants that have requirements:
1 High Production
2 high starch levels
3 Age early maturing (7-9 months)
4 Taste delicious
Pulau Pramuka
5. Resistant to Pests and Diseases
Cassava is grown from cuttings, terms of cassava stem cuttings are ready to be planted


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