Sunday, 28 September 2014

For marketing, he used to supply

For marketing, he used to supply them to various cities. As Bandung, Cianjur, Bogor and Jakarta. Because it is considered a business that is quite menguntukan, he tried to open his own store hickey located at Jalan Pasundan Sukabumi.

For him, opening stores more profitable than cultivate hickey. Especially in Sukabumi own no betta lover community. Proved just opened her shop six months, cupangnya demand in the market.

"Thank God the day can sell 20-30 tail betta, betta both decoration and complaints," he said. The price offered is varied. Betta fish ornamental priced from Rp50ribu - Rp125 thousand / tail. While Hickey complaints sold 10 thousand - 300 thousand / tail.

"In a day and generated a turnover agen judi taruhan bola, casino online terbaik dan terpercaya di indonesia of approximately 400 thousand," he said. In addition to farming, he also opened a training process betta betta to be ready to fight. According to him, it takes two months to train the hickey.

Before the sale would be trained first, because a hickey or not good at determining the selling price later. "The champion fought more expensive," he explained.

"For once we are able to harvest fish harvest Hickey to over 1,000 animals. A Betta fish sold from Rp 5,000 to Rp 70 thousand, "said Yono, Saturday (10/12/2013).

The result of fish farming developed Yono not only sold in the region Banjarnegara. He had sent the fish into a number of areas in Sumatra, Surabaya and Jakarta. Admittedly turnover per month could reach tens of millions of dollars.


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