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Weeding is usually done 2-4 times during the planting collards

Weeding is usually done 2-4 times during the planting collards , adjusted to the presence of weeds in planting beds . Weeding is usually done 1 or 2 Jual Website Murah weeks after planting . If necessary to scarify and pengguludan along with weeding .Additional fertilization was given after 3 weeks of planting , namely with DJENIUS 21 splashed onto the beds .
PLANTING vertikultur
Step - step vertikultur planting is as follows :
1 . Seeds sown in a nursery box denagn sand media . Seeds treated until ready ditanaman at 14 days from seed sown .2 . Provide soil planting medium top soil , manure , sand and compost in the ratio 2:1:1:1 were mixed thoroughly .3 . Insert the mixture into the planting medium sized polybag 20 x 30 cm .4 . The Move seedlings ready for planting crops that are already available in a polybag . Plants usually have leaf moved 3-5 strands .5 . Polybags had been planted, arranged in racks available on the Lath House .
PLANTING hydroponics .
Step-by- step hydroponic cultivation is as follows :
1 . Prepare the nursery container . Insert the media in the form of sterilized fine sand as thick as 3-4 cm . Sprinkle mustard seeds cover back on it next to the 0.5 cm thick layer of sand .2 . Having grown seedlings and leafy 3-5 strands ( age 3-4 minggu0 , seeds removed carefully , then the roots are washed with water to clean , the roots are too long can be cut .3 . Bak planting filled the bottom with a thick sterile gravel 7-10 cm, then added in the upper layer of coarse sand which also had sterile 20 cm thick .4 . Make planting holes with a distance of about 25 x 25 cm , insert the seedling into the hole , cover the roots of seedlings with roots media up through the neck , try to position the seeds perpendicular to the media .5 . Provide hydroponic solution through watering , can also be done by giving irigation drip systems or other systems , the new crop is maintained until the next big growth .

The air temperature is suitable for the growth of Chinese cabbage is between 19 ° C - 21 ° C. air temperature is too high of a predetermined threshold will greatly affect the growth of mustard plants and will not develop properly .
Kelembabab air suitable for plant growth chicory optimal range between 80 % - 90 % . Humidity is above 90 % will berdapat putihaa negatively on mustard plants , the plants will grow imperfect , tinaman infertile , the quality leaves ugly , and if
Wisata Pulau Pari pemnanam aimed at seeding the seed production was low .Good rainfall for the chicory plant is 1000-1500 mm / year , and keep in mind , that the mustard plant does not like excessive or stagnant water .


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