Tuesday, 10 December 2013

With various types of social media available online

It is not imperative that the alias must use strategies fardhuain Digital Marketing with Social media ( SocMed ) , but after the first step with traditional weapons fail , resulting turnover to drop ! uncontrolled freefall ! and target more distant from the grip ! , it seems necessary for us to do a test strategy and test qualifications, the initial strategy is still able to be maintained. Or is the next step to find alternative middle collaborate with existing strategies with Social Media Marketing jasa sebar iklan murah .
According to my observation and I think it sort seistimewa concept in stretcher without the flexibility to adjust the strategy with the current situation , it would level the effectiveness and success to far from optimal word , even added new presence of our competitors in the field that carries the concept of a marketing strategy similar , it's like the climax peak - scaling success was going to live the dream .Believe it or not , just look at the following case where information technology has grown by leaps and bounds , almost all of the state's population migrated towards the digital age . First letter in the mail that became the mainstay send messages , have now been overwritten with email and sms even social networks . In the past where postal money orders to be excellent alternatives for your transactions and send the money , now the speed and kemanfaatanya side lost by sms Banking ATM and banking .
Because that is the strategy of Digital Marketing with Social media ( SocMed ) need to be developed , given the above examples have shown how role very very helpful in achieving goals .
With various types of social media available online , either native or original work Manca were reaching hundreds of types, here I will present the 7 types of online social media is powerful enough to help boost turnover effort especially for small entrepreneurs (small business), why 7 not 9 or 10 ? because the number 7 has a meaning for me that is invetasi interesting enough Pitulungan ( First ) pendongkrak powerful business turnover .
Of course, after doing some good judgment of the user , the stage at alexa and facilities in search on search engines like google champion ( call familiar Google.com ) .
Here Pitulungan turnover Pendongkrak Social Media Efforts include:
FACEBOOKOf course all also agree if facebook qualifies as the first order of social media are quite important and influential in the business world wide .From the user all over the world , estimated at more than 1 billion people and has the number 2 in Alexa. The fan page application provided by Facebook can be index by search engines when keywords are optimized according to our business .
TwitterSocial Media this one is also not less important and influential in compare with Facebook . Although the number of characters in each Tweet diusungnya only 140 characters , it may be Socmed terpoluler number 2 after facebook . This can be assisted with search topics using the hastag # marked by a fence . And so far the level 9 in alexa . You want to follow me ? please click here : @ ivanmagelang
This is a well known Social Media video sharing. SocMed this gives us the opportunity to upload personal video collection of good promotion or whatever and dishare to 45juta more users worldwide. When this becomes the no. 3 in alexa . Social Media ( SocMed ) also has 54 language versions in the world.

Social Media this one is especially for professionals . Up Social Media ( SocMed ) is widely used by the HR (Human Resource ) as a tool to recruitmen employees . Established in 2003 and already has more users estimated at around 135juta professionals . When this becomes the number 13 in alexa . Social Media ( SocMed ) is not the focus of the photo. Yet still provide a media to connect business people or professionals bisnis online murah who are looking for jobs.
Social Media ( SocMed ) was founded in 2004 and already has users around 51jt more . The focus is more on the photos or the photos and videos that can dishare throughout the world . Flickr was acquired by Yahoo , so when you have an account on yahoo.com automatically can also be used to Flickr. Currently being at 31 alexa and simple enough use. The visitors are able to directly comment on the photo or video that is displayed ( photostream ) .
This one is Social Media ( SocMed ) made ​​native, although local products but now it diakuisi Koprol by Yahoo as flickr . Koprol focus on one location , so when you update status can indicate that you are certain to be in a place . New can be accessed in three countries other than Indonesia namely Singapore , Houston and Indianapolis . Can be directly connected to facebook with the score still around 80rb .


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