Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The development of children is always interesting to follow

The development of children is always interesting to follow . Especially in an era like today's digital world , it takes foresight of parents to the development of their children could go well . Likewise, in choosing a toy , parents should also be smart in order to facilitate the toy consumption can positively impact the growth and development of the child itself agen alat bantu sex .
Various advanced all-digital toy when it's plural encountered , both in traditional and in the modern market . However, it should be noted , not all digital toys a positive impact on the development of our baby . Some of them , if not accompanied by well directed and it gives a sense of self- reliance of the children.
On the basis that some of the recent re- appoint the traditional educational toys in anticipation of widespread types of digital games that give the effect is not good for the kids . One of the actors who had been active in introducing and developing a variety of educational toys is Hardi Vizon ( 41 ) .
Hardi VizonPria status as an employee who is now at the College of Islamic Studies Curup the Bengkulu province began pioneering educational toy business since 2008 . From the beginning , Mr. Hardi so he usually called feel that educational toys or props are very supportive to the process of teaching and learning in pre-school education institutions , such as the Play Group or Kindergarten . Not intend to rule out the presence of a digital toy , but her positive impact generated educational toys ( traditional ) greater when compared to modern digital toys .
" The world's most close to me is education , so I understand a little more about the facilities that are supposed to be at an educational institution , particularly as pre-school playgroup and kindergarten , " he told the team 's coverage in his home bisnisUKM Bantul, Yogyakarta . Since deciding to bring his family to Yogyakarta in 2006 , Mr. Hardi is so far often commute to Bengkulu is to focus on developing creative educational toy business with hundreds of product items .
In collaboration with artisans from Klaten district , Mr. Hardi started the business with marketing through online media . " My capital when it is the understanding of the online marketing world , because since I studied it every day grappling with the internet , from there I thought why not use it ( via online ) , let alone its scope is not limited to , " he explained .Constraints early pioneering efforts in cyberspace alat bantu sex pria aman
Creative Toys BocahSebagai a novice when it , Mr. Hardi feel difficulty when first markets its products through the online world . " At that time (2008 ) of our society are not familiar with online marketing sitem , precisely as a result many are suspicious of what I do , to convince them ( consumers ) was not an easy fight , " he continued . However , this condition does not last long , because he has his own strategy to convince consumers .
" The online business was the main thing is confidence , then I think to give a lot of personal information about myself I surely people will have more confidence , " said Mr. Hardi . Sure enough , the strategy memblow up personal data turned out to be impacted by Mr. Hardi began flowing into Pak Hardi order that carries Toy Boy as his business name . Not only from a personal consumer , but Mr. Hardi also started getting orders from agencies or educational institutions from various regions .
bisnis alat bantu sex The moment of greatest perceived the father of four sons was when he obtained an order from an agency in large numbers . From there , Mr. Hardi came to believe that the business that they have a bright prospect in the future . " I realized that if in each year definitely requires government agencies such as facilities toys are distributed to schools , so that is my main target consumers navigate to them ( educational institutions ) , " he explained with a smile .Product Info
Production Process Creation Toys BocahAdapun products so far produced Mr. Hardi oriented toys that are safe and educational. Here is more to secure materials and paints used in accordance with the recommendation of the ministry of education . " For the material we use lightweight materials , without spikes and angles that could endanger children , while the paint we use are also anti- toxic / poison , " said Mr. Hardi .
As for the type / product item , Mr. Hardi claimed almost everything works in practice intelligence and the child 's response . " Some categories of toys that we produce include APE , exercise equipment , props , blocks , dolls , towers , puzzles , etc. , " he said . Each sold at varying prices , depending on the type of product .Hope to Home
When asked about the future expectations , Mr. Hardi translate into several parties . " For business people , let's keep each other aware of the quality of the products that our consumers are children , while for educators let's take advantage of this kind of toys in the schools , because the quality of domestic products are not inferior to imported products , and the last to the government to pay attention to the business person in this field , especially the craftsmen , as hard to make and market these products , "he hoped .Tips and Tricks For Beginner Entrepreneurs
" For colleagues who want to become entrepreneurs , start developing the business of what we are interested first , then multiply the network , because the network will also increase the number of ideas , and the last advantage of the internet savvy , " said Mr. Hardi while closing the interview on the occasion of the afternoon mentioned jasa seo


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