Friday, 28 March 2014

Before planting tomatoes

Before planting tomatoes , we must know in advance the properties of the tomatoes associated with the season . The tomatoes were planted during the rainy season can actually thrive despite the obstacles pretty much . Results tomatoes in the dry season better , but a lot of pests .
Here is how to grow tomatoes :
# Prepare the soil as a medium Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia for growing tomatoes .Tomatoes can thrive when the soil loose . Therefore, the soil must be dug , ditraktor , or plowed first. The depth of cultivation should be between 30-40 cm . After hoeing , leave for a few days in order to reduce the exposure matahri possibility of pests and diseases
# Create a seedbedMake the beds in the loose soil has . Width of beds approximately 100 cm - 200 cm and a length of 10 m - 15m or can be adapted to the soil conditions . After the seedbed is completed, the land can be smoothed / flattened .
# FertilizerProvide basic fertilizer in the form of compost and TSP . Fertilizer can be a way of fertilizer sown on flat ground then ground hoe to mix. Or it could also use a way to make a hole as deep as 15 cm and 20 cm in diameter and fertilizer put in the holes are then backfilled soil and stirred until well blended fertilizers and soil .
# NurserySeeds / seedlings can be planted directly in soil that has been prepared or can be sown earlier . Nursery aims to facilitate maintenance .

# PlantingTomatoes planted with wide spacing is 2 dirempel system ( 50x50 cm spacing or 60x60 cm ) and free system . How to grow with the primary objective is to let the free system shoots grow into large branches and bear fruit .


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