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On 22-23 June 2013 ago , we had the opportunity to exhibit in Bogor .

On 22-23 June 2013 ago , we had the Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayanity to exhibit in Bogor . The event , titled " organic products as Indonesian cultural heritage " is followed by various communities , groups of farmers , as well as a variety of organic and herbal manufacturers .
As a participant , farmer groups we also had the opportunity to share experiences . Filling talk show on the main stage . Primarily , we explain about what has been done and applied in our land . Ie use traditional natural farming fertilizer nutrients and microorganisms diverse local homemade .
This year we entered the year - 6 apply to natural farming in paddy fields and gardens . As well as still being studied nature , plants , and animals that we cultivated . Includes study of diverse participants and visitors .
Leave a commentfrom → News , NutritionFruit of Fruit NutritionFebruary 18, 2011tags: pineapple nutrients , natural fruit stimulants , liquid fertilizer swamandiriexperienced by farmers
When introducing a variety of natural nutrients to the surrounding neighbors , many who are interested in making nutritional fruit . For making easy , does not require high cost , and the result is aromatic . Even nutrients consumed this fruit can also be used alone if the fresh fruit .
Nutrition is a nutritional fruit that is given to the current crop will bear fruit . Any plant can , including rice . Nutrition is made from fruit juice . Any fruit can be used , except orange . Citrus fruit nutrients for citrus crops .
If given to the plant , the fruit does not need to be used fresh . But if you want to consume it for health , must use fresh fruit . I usually use cheap fruits and rarely purchased in the market . For example, brown or pineapple .
According to wikipedia , pineapple contains a lot of phosphorus ( P ) which is good for growing flowers or fruit on the plant . Besides pineapple also contains potassium ( K ) and calcium are also two types of nutrients needed by plants . While Chrysophyllum contain a variety of nutrients and carbohydrates are good for both plant and microorganism growth .

Kuliner Balikpapan How to make fruit nutrients is quite easy . As much as one liter of juice plus as much brown sugar 3 tablespoons . The mixture is then sealed , and aged or fermented to wait up to one week . Then the moment will be sprayed into the plant , the fermented liquid plus chicken egg yolk .
Application is not a lot of nutrients . Quite as much as 200cc nutrition for 15 liters of water . Why is 15 liters ? Because I use the spray tank size of 15 liters . This is to facilitate comparison of the current tenants will squirt of fruit nutrients using the spray tank . The nutrient solution is sprayed onto the leaves and soil around the plants will bear fruit when .
The result , in the last harvest , each one quintal of grain produces 80 kg of rice . That's why a lot of farmers around me who are interested in making nutritional fruit . Because the results are better than using synthetic stimulants that are expensive pieces .
Hopefully gradually get to know the farmers in my village and applying organic farming methods . To be more fertile farmland , more produce , and water quality of the river / irrigation better . Uncontaminated synthetic chemicals from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides manufacturers .
Leave a commentMicro- organisms from → Local , NutritionLights to Introduce Organic FarmingFebruary 18, 2011tags: encourage organic farming , organic farmingexperienced by farmersnutrition
Convince the neighbors to return to farming naturally not easy . It's like a marketing task to convince consumers to buy new products . But there is no harm in introducing this method of natural farming neighbors . Because after nearly four years of farming experience , I began to feel the benefits . At least for myself and a big family . Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia Farmers in my area are not much higher education . Because it is difficult to explain that organic farming if it is safe for the environment . In order for farmers around me " ngeh " that the plant nutrients that can be made better than urea fertilizer , I use the indicator lights .
I know the indicator lights from my friend fellow organic farmers . If the plant nutrients or liquid organic fertilizer or cow urine is tested using the indicator lamp will light up . While urea solution will not turn on . The following illustration of the electrical circuit . Lamp wattage used is quite small .
Illustration of an electric circuit indicator lights
Through visual indicator lights , I can explain that urea " no nothing " compared to the homemade plant nutrients . Although urea containing abundant nitrogen for the plants , but if used excessively it will damage the soil and eventually invite pests and plant diseases .
If judging scientific terms , a simple indicator light on the instrument is lit because the electrochemical reaction occurs in natural nutrients . Nutrition is a natural self-made nature of electrolyte . While urea solution is not so .
Liquid nutrients are fermented liquid derived from certain microorganisms of the soil , plants or fruits . Fermentation is a chemical process that is lengthy . This process occurs in the cells of microorganisms . The fermentation process involves electrons derived from organic compounds itself. So the process is anaerobic , or without oxygen produces a liquid electrolyte that is .
While urea is an organic compound with the chemical formula ( NH2 ) 2CO . Urea is solid , colorless , and odorless . When urea is dissolved in water and ionizing neutral nature . Since there are no ionizing then urea electrolytes . So that the indicator light is not lit .
As already described , a simple ligh AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAt indicator is used as a tool to explain the different natural nutrients with urea fertilizer . That many natural nutrients containing microorganisms and enzymes that is good for the soil . Microorganisms that this will provide a variety of nutrients for plants .
While urea fertilizer containing only nitrogen . On the ground , urea still need help soil microorganisms to break down the molecules into ammonia and carbon dioxide . In order to be absorbed by plants .
Moreover, if the land is given too much urea , the soil will be acidic . Because soil microorganisms transform into a molecule of urea nitrate . The abundance of the molecules causes soil nitrate in the soil is acidic and not good for plant growth .
However , again , not easy to convince farmers to reduce the use of urea around and switch to organic methods . They are accustomed to and feel that the fertilizer manufacturers are still better than making your own .
In addition , many of the farmers economically that has another part-time job or to meet their basic needs . Many wives also choose to become migrant workers abroad in order to meet the economic needs of the whole family . Because according to them , living from farming alone is not enough .
Therefore, I explain to them that by making your own fertilizer and nutrients for the plants , we can save the cost of expenses to buy urea . And that the purchase price of organic rice over regular rice .
Plus, we can produce rice for the family JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL healthy . Even nutrients can be consumed alone made ​​for health . With notes , the raw materials used are still fresh .
Alhamdulillaah ... After I share my knowledge with the neighbors , there are some who became interested in making their own nutrition . Although only one or two types of nutrients . Hopefully they will gradually switch to a more natural way . At least that soil and water in the village contains many pollutants from pesticides and chemical fertilizers .


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