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Please note that organic farming techniques that we practice

Please note that organic farming techniques that we practice here is organic farming Organic Farmers Padepokan style " Walatra Prosperous Earth " , so maybe a little different from that developed by other colleagues Organic Farming fellow activists in the homeland :) Even so , any formula or whatever his name became angry that organic farming will inshallah give a plus , especially in preserving the earth in the future . ORGANIC AGRICULTURE COME ...!

Varieties : Red Chili local


    Land Area : 1400 M3
Population : 3000 trees
Planting Date : December 29, 2012
Location : Padakembang , Kab . Tasikmalaya , West Java
Owner : Padepokan Organic Farmer " Prosperous Earth Walatra "
Growing concept
How does the concept or principle of organic farming -style red chili Earth Walatra Makmur ( BMW ) it ? The following is the outline :

We will not engage / use of chemical insecticides to combat pest infestation - fleas and insects , including caterpillars and fruit flies . Instead, we use organic insecticide called " AntiLAT " Bumi Makmur Walatra production .
We are not going to involve fungicide and bactericide for tackling diseases CHEMICAL fungus / fungi such as yaws ( anthracnose ) , Fusarium wilt , late blight , stem rot , root mace , or rot caused by bacteria . Instead, we use a biological or organic fungicide called " NoPATEK " Bumi Makmur Walatra production .
We will not use chemical fertilizers as a source of nutrients or plant nutrients , either NPK , KNO3 , UREA , ZA , SP , KCL , AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE / DOLOMITE , or any other artificial fertilizers . Instead, we use organic fertilizers kocor named " Solid Organic Fertilizer ( POP ) BMW " Prosperous Earth Walatra production in which already contains a complete nutrient that is ready to eat . The manure should be added as long as it is ripe , even though no use is not a problem .
We will not use HORMONE products and plant growth regulators ( PGR ) SYNTHETIC as a supporter of the physiological processes of plants , especially in boosting the growth and development of plants . Instead , we use the " Liquid Organic Fertilizer ( POC ) BMW " Prosperous Earth Walatra production already contains fertilizer in which the leaves and fruit fertilizer , plant growth regulator and major plant hormones .
We will not eradicate weeds or weeds using chemical Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesiaherbicides to preserve biodiversity in the soil and the environment , but we cleared the weeds manually and periodically through field workers .
stages of Cultivation
1 . getting Seeds
As mentioned above , chilli varieties we grow on this occasion was a local red chili . Seed purchased from nearby traditional markets , namely the market Cikurubuk , Tasikmalaya . We bought in the form of whole fruit is really ripe , as many as half kg and then we peel and seeds taken . We only choose chilies plump - plump , large , long , dense contains , smooth , shiny and flawless especially from yaws lesions or ulcers and foul .0000012 - Chilli Red in the Market
Figure 1 . Red chili peppers on the market
Of course we took enough steps that extreme or big risk because we do not buy seed store that has been tested . Though the concept of agribusiness good , the seed is the first vital factor that we must consider . Seed is a great investment because it affects the outcome of your crop production in the future . Poor quality seed will open the probability of failure due to low production levels and disease vulnerability . Conversely good seed production will open the chances of success . Borrowing the term college kids , seed quality is measured by two factors : the value of quality in physiological and pathological . Good quality seed is physiologically have good germination and also able to grow simultaneously with uniform properties and high crop pr JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKALoductivity . While the pathological , good seed and do not carry disease pathogens and plants can grow and have resistance to certain diseases .


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