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Match planted in lowlands to medium

Match planted in lowlands to medium. Uniform plant growth and easy perawatanya. Fruit size is approximately 45 cm, diameter 4 to 4.9 cm. green fruit color and taste somewhat sweet. Weight of approximately 250 grams of fruit ...
Pembuatan Website PokerHybrid Corn Seed (BISI-2) Nangkadak (Artocarpus nangkadak) is a fruit crop plant breeding that has combined superior properties that exist on the jackfruit and Cempedak. Early-maturing crops to harvest short and wide adaptability of the lowlands to the highlands, the potential development will be faster.Fruit Nangkadak

Breeding (breeding) in the field of horticulture, particularly the annual fruit is still very little is done in Indonesia. Mekarsari has managed to create a new innovation in the field of plant breeding with the annual fruit does a cross between two different species in the Family Moraceae Jackfruit is the Mini (Artocarpus heterophyllus) as female parents with Cempedak (Artocarpus integer) as the male parent. After waiting and evaluating plant 100 offspring (F1) for ± 5 years, it has acquired the leading plant named NANGKADAK. The fruit is a blend of superior properties both elders and Cempedak jackfruit. Products like this NANGKADAK gets tough competitor because it takes a long time and the cost is relatively large, so it is rare that a company or institution working on the Annual Plant Breeding.
Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is one of the fruits of high economic value, because the ripe fruit can be eaten fresh or processed into various foods such as chips, ice lunkhead or mixed fruit. Jackfruit has the properties: large fruit weights (5-40 pounds), peeled hard skin due to the high content of sap, fruit flesh color is yellow to orange, crunchy flesh texture, chewy to soft, thick flesh dami protected against the skin, and a sense of sweet fruit until hambar.Cempedak (Artocarpus integer Murr.) has the properties: Weight of small fruits (3-4 kg), skin and flesh easily removed or peeled fruit, fruit relatively sticky, pale yellow flesh color, thin pieces of meat with texture smooth and fibrous, sweet taste, and crisp fruit flavors.

Desain Website Poker         Nangkadak an annual plant breeding that combines the superior properties of two different species that jackfruit and Cempedak. Nangkadak answer consumer needs to get jackfruit ideal small once discharged eat fruit, easy to peel, not gummy, soft flavorful, and a sense of breeding manis.Inovasi on other fruit crops are usually waged on seasonal fruits such as melon or watermelon. Results of exaltation only concerns one particular trait such as: taste sweeter, bigger fruit size, and higher production.


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