Wednesday, 4 June 2014

SUPPORT Government of Aceh Jaya for increasing the income

SUPPORT Government of Aceh Jaya for increasing the income of farmers and fishermen continued fishing. In the field of aquaculture, Aceh Jaya regency through the Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) in addition to hand over tens of thousands of seeds catfish, tilapia, milkfish and shrimp, also handed fish feed, and nurture them in aquaculture. While in the field of fisheries, the fishermen assisted a variety of fishing gear. Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya"This is part of a government program to foster citizens engaged in fish farming. Farmed fish are sold easily to other regions of Aceh Jaya, Banda Aceh and well into other areas. For the current cultivation continues to be driven to improve people's economic empowerment, "said Regent of Aceh Jaya, Ir Azhar Abdurrahman.
In the field of aquaculture, as revealed by the Head of DKP Aceh Jaya, HT Imran SE, in Aceh Jaya are 7,240 ha of cultivation area of ​​freshwater, brackish water, and public waters such as in cages. Location freshwater aquaculture such as Mount Meulinteung and Alue Piet in District Panga produce catfish are managed by community groups assisted DKP Aceh Jaya. While the location of brackish water (ponds) contained in Lageun, Jabi, Sayeung District of Setia Bakti, and Krueng Tunong Jaya subdistrict produce black tiger shrimp and fish Banden. While the location of cultivation in cages contained in Mon Mata District of Krueng almost every year produce about 2 tons of tilapia.
To increase the productivity of the fish farmers DKP also facilitates the fish farmers to increase aid usahanyadengan angsung through the countryside Mina Business Development program (PUMP). In 2012 Aceh Jaya receive Rp 260 million to Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia Rp 4 groups of fish farming. Whereas in 2013 it received an allocation of funds amounting to Rp 325 million PUMP for 5 groups of fish farming.


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