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In a forage plant maintenance, some activities need to be done

          In a forage plant maintenance, some activities need to be done
- Conducting stitching / insertion, if any dead plants.
- Weeding should be done 1-2 times after harvest.
- Membumbun plants from the soil by lifting the left and right of the line (make mounds), it is intended to facilitate fertilization, irrigation and drainage.
- Fertilizing should be done at least 2 times a year, once every 4-6 months. The type and dose of fertilizer depends on soil fertility.
The things that need to be considered in fertilization are as follows:
1. Kind of fertilizer
         Fertilizer used should be tailored to the acidity of the acid tanah.pupuk not used on neutral ground / wet. For acidic soils better use of fertilizer is neutral to alkaline, use a fertilizer that can ensure the needs of 3 main nutrients (N, P and K).
2. Dose Fertilization
Dosage and comparison of fertilizer used should be as precise as possible. When analyzing the soil needs to be adjusted, so that the obtained results are effective and economical fertilization.
For land-poor soils can be given 150 kg Urea / Za, 75 kg TSP, and ZK 50 Kg / ha / year. If the manure is used, provide as much as ± 30-100 kwt / ha / year.
3. Moment of fertilization
Fertilizing the right time will result in optimum forage production. Therefore fertilization arranged so that when npupuk decompose easily absorbed along with plant age at which activities most optimal absorption.
   Fertilizer P and K are soluble, given 1-2 weeks before planting, which along with scarify the soil. When using manure or for menaikknan liming soil pH, should be performed together with scarify the soil. N fertilizer is soluble given after ± 2 weeks old plants. And each finished cutting, fertilizing should be done to stimulate regrowth.
4. Way fertilizing
Fertilization can be done to spread to the surface of the ground (sows), can also be planted in the scatterplot rushed or around clumps (ditugal).
G. Cutting or harvesting
Cutting is taking part of the plant that is above ground level. Cutting can be done in 2 ways: depending on the way they are presented, namely the cutting tool with a wrench Arau cattle grazing.
Some things to consider in conducting cutting / harvesting go round as follows:
1. Cutting Time / Harvesting
The best time is at the cutting end of vegetative growth, which is currently before the flowering hiajuan. At that time, the content of the forage gill highest level.

2. Frequency of Cutting
Cutting back should not be done too often, because it can lead to impaired growth back. Generally, pieces of grass can be harvested when aged 50-70 days. Cutting back is done every 40-70 the next day, depending on the availability of water for the grass.
3. Intentitas Cutting
The intensity of the high and low cuts are cutting / wrench. Cutting height of approximately 10-15 cm above the soil surface. Cutting too low to result in reduced food reserves, so that regrowth is inhibited.
2. Grass Elephant
3. Grass Setaria
4. Lawn Bengal
5. Lawn King and many others.

B. Nuts
1. Leaves Leucaena
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2. Leaves turi
3. Leaves kaliandra etc.

C. Agricultural Waste
1. Leaves Cassava / Cassava
2. Leaves of sweet potato
3. Leaves peanuts
4. Soybean leaves and so forth.


In order for the production of green fodder to the optimum, ie in addition to the production of high energy efficiency and cost, also have a positive impact on the environment. Steps that must be considered based on the principles of green fodder management, among others:

1. Choice of location

Factors to consider in determining the location of green fodder cultivation are: soil fertility, climate, topography and water resources. Soil fertility is high qualifications typically used for the cultivation of food crops, while the remaining land is less fertile or low qualifications, if the class of qualifying low land is used for growing forage fodder, the special treatments in soil cultivation and fertilization techniques needs to be done .
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Climate in Indonesia, particularly in Indramayu is ternasuk tropical climate. This factor is difficult to be changed by humans, so it is neces


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