Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Is this a revolution in the Cups and Balls?

So Peter Loughran has something new. A table which does all the work for you.

Is there seriously a need for that? Are those too lazy to actually practice the Cups and Balls so desperate to perform this, so they have to resort to this? Was the chop cup too damn hard?

Aside from those questions... This is like the very first method a layperson thinks of. The little miniskirt the table is wearing screams "load". I don't know why Peter Loughran keeps fucking up when it comes to creating props.

The best thing Peter ever released was "Seep". And that wasn't even something new.... wait, now that I think about it, the table is not a new idea either. I remember seeing a table like that years ago in a magic store. It was in the corner and collected dust. It was mechanical and needed to be operated by foot. But it was silent and if I recall correctly the masking on the table surface was way less obvious.

1250 dollars is the price for that little piece of apparatus? Does it work? I think so. I really believe that Peter is able to create working props. I had the "Entity" in my hands a few year ago. A huge ass brick of a gimmick, but it worked.

I got an idea though... Imagine having such a table. Only applying some principles from the illusion section of our craft. So the table looks way thinner. So you do your normal cups and balls, and then you offer to explain how the lemon got under the cup. You put all the cups aside and get out a glass. You put the glass at the sweet spot and move away. Do something that makes sure that everybody is looking at you. At that time the lemon loads itself under the glass. When people look back the glass has the load. That would strengthen the prior routine and give the usual cups and ball routine an extra twist that people will talk about.

If you do just one load with that technology the table needs to only have one gimmicked spot. Ergo the needed apparatus could be hidden in one of the legs or other supporting structure of the table. That would make it possible to have an extra thin table. But I cannot build anything. So fuck that idea.


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