Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I never posted stats. Never saw the reasons to post keywords and all of that. But in the light of recent events here are a few.

800 views per day. That's nothing! About 600 of them are looking at the post about Sathya Sai Baba. That means that only 200 are looking at something else. That's even less then nothing. So whenever you feel I destroyed your life, please note that I did not destroy it, unless of course all the 200 views would lead to 200 individual users, who would care about that particular post or worse agree with me. I'm sort of cynical here.

This is a magic blog. Do you actually know how much of a small role we play in the whole blogosphere? Or how many of all the people actually care about magic?

The keywords (of yesterday) in order are: "weekly magic failure", "sai baba", "magic fail", "piff the magic dragon", "pig face", "val valentino", "modesty", "Snap Illusions" and my personal favorite "stripper costumes for men".

Please note that certain words are NOT in there.

So whoever feels like I destroyed his life... man you had a small life to begin with.


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