Monday, 21 January 2013

Sadly this happened!

M: How do I get the spectators card that is inside the deck, which is inside the card case, secretly into my inside jacket pocket?
R: Really simple. First you control the card to the top of the deck.
M: Okay!
R: And then palming.
M: What do you mean, paaaaalming?
R: Well you palm the card from the top of the deck, use the hand that is holding the deck to open the jacket slightly, get into your inside pocket with the other hand ditching the card as you take out the empty box from the card. You then put the deck inside the card case and....
M: Wait!
R: Yeah?
M: You mean real palming? Like in the hand and so?
R: Yeah, that is the most efficient way.
M: You serious?
R: What's you problem?
M: Nobody palms. Not in the real world. People see that. I'm a real world magician. Remember!
R: uhm.... yeah... I forgot. Let me think!
M: Also it needs to be angle proof. Palming has bad angle issues.
R: What about this: You secretly control the card to the top. You use the half moon principle to separate the selection as you put the cards into the card case. Then you drop the card case into your inner pocket. As you release the case, simply hold on to the selection. Then ditch the selection next to the case and take the case out again handing it to a spectator. The main problem with this is that...
M: That bloody brilliant!
R: Excuse me?
M: Yeah you go into the pocket with the case and then take it out again. But you can cover that with a line. Like "Oh no, best you be watching this. I'm too sneaky!" You see I cover it with a joke.
R: What joke?
M: "sneaky" I'm being sneaky as I kinda make sure that I cannot be sneaky.
R: That's only funny to you.
M: But it's a good convincer!
R: You might.... err... well... how about motivating it with taking out the pen?
M: What pen?
R: The one that you used to have the card signed.
M: Oh the card isn't signed.
R: Well then you could simply cut out all the BS and just force the card and have a duplicate in you pocket.
M: No it needs to be a free selection.
R: Well, a good force seem like a free selection. The audience won't know the difference!
M: I'm a real world magician. Peoples choices need to be real. They need to matter!
R: Wait, what?
M: Okay, so the half moon principle is what again?
R: Sorry, but I gotta go now. Need to prepare a show.
M: Yeah me too, got two shows tonight. It's so real!


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