Thursday, 31 January 2013

Winner Apollo Robbins

It is April. In celebration of this blogs three year existence, the whole month will be winner time. Only the coolest and best members of our elite circle of nerds will be featured.

Today: Apollo Robins

When it comes to stealing stuff in a magic show it is very easy to become very "invasive". Not so Apollo Robbins

Alright. It is very easy to fall back to the classics in magic and not doing your own thing, that most people don't have the guts to do. A cups and balls routine is a secure time tested routine. You can rehearse the shit out of it. You can do it without an audience. But when you try to load a coin under somebodies watch you need to have balls. Big balls. The quality of the next clip is shitty at best. But you magicians can still figure out what is going on.

There is a certain grace in the little moves he does. His understanding of misdirection and his technical skill make him take the total control. The audience can hardly describe what is going on, yet they are entertained as hell. I have seen other "pickpockets" doing routines. Greg Wilson comes to mind. And as much as I like Greg, his "stealing" is pretty invasive. And don't ask me about David Blaine's handling.

Apollo Robbins comes across as a genuine con artist. But the good kind. I like him.


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