Sunday, 20 January 2013

Markus Bender, remember him?

Probably not. Two years ago I awarded him my imaginary WMF title. Now he's done something better.

Basically he ripped of Celebrity Smart Ass by Bill Abbott. The whole thing. Of course he sells this in Germany. And the German magic community discussing this on various forums. He sells it as the "Ultimate Baby Gag" There is nothing wrong if you sell a routine that you have made changes to. Changes that matter, that are relevant and make this a better product. This is not the case. Markus Bender has changed nothing. He has not even adopted the "Madonna" gag into a German gag. ("Heino" would work. And by all means, don't google it. It's one of the things we Germans talk about less than WW2) He directly lifted Bill Abbotts effort and made it a German product. Shame.

Here is the ad for the routine in case you don't know what this is all about:

Bill Abbott was informed about this and contacted the dealer (Stemaro --- also a former WMF)

I have received numerous emails from customers of mine about Markus Benders Ultimate Baby Gag.

I have contacted Markus directly and am informing you that this product is in direct violation of a copyright I hold.

The script, gags and structure of the entire routine is directly taken from the original Celebrity Smart Ass routine, and I will be alerting the German and international magic community that you are selling this lifted material.

My hope is that ethical dealers and consumers would support the original creators when copies arise, and immediately stop selling and purchasing them.
That is your choice to make.

Bill Abbott
So there is a copyright. Now that's interesting, as the usual moral discussion could be elevated to a legal discussion. Let's see what comes of this!


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