Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Black Club

So what fucking happened the last few days? Nothing much. Nobody got burned, nobody made public exposure and nobody is an asshole. But Ellusionist has a a Black Club that you can be a member of. It's like the top of marketing brand awareness genius. I sincerely applaud Ellusionist for doing such a school book business.

So you can be a member of a unique club. How? Not by skill or connections... no by paying money. 147 dollars is the price. And you will get SWAG along with it.

You will get one Artifice Black Club Playing Cards Deck, Apex Edition which is black... you know, like real cards. One Black Club Playing Card Storage Box With Magnetic Closure to hold 15 prized decks which are not part of the offer. One HALO Fiber Optic Accessory, and you know what I think of those. Also the Black Club Membership Card with hidden reveals. The later thing is really something to behold. Let me add the picture:

Look at this. The reveal is Seven of Clubs. So let me get this straight. You get out those black cards and do some card tricks as you have a glowing wrist band around your wrist. You force the Seven of Clubs and then cleverly tell people that you are part of a secret Black Club. I assume the first thing that you need to address is the fact that it is not the opposite of the KKK, but a magic club. To prove that you get out your membership card. And low and behold... It says Seven of Clubs. This is so organic.

What else do you get? Three downloads of your choice from a bunch of selected videos. A download with each DVD of the same product, and more. But the cake would be the access to the exclusive Black Club Store, where only members can purchase rare items.

What are those items? A ring for 60 dollars, a case for an iPhone for 23 dollars, a luggage tag for 15 dollars and an emblem for your skate board for 75 dollars. All with the unique Black Club logo.

This is really is text book marketing. Bravo Ellusionist. In terms of marketing you really make no mistakes!


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