Saturday, 19 January 2013

Magic Cosplay

Creating brand awareness and fan boys is a major marketing strategy of T11 and Ellusionist.

I wonder if there will be rivalry. Like Horde and Alliance, Beatles and Stones, Pokemon and Digimon. That could turn into such a popcorn fest.

I imagine a magic convention and the magic nerds will cosplay their favorite idol magicians. I picture a 15-year-old all dressed in Dalton Wayne outfits with the latest in magic gear. The older guys will dress like Eric Johnson and show off their artifact coins.

Then a podcaster or maybe even some serious reporter will approach an old dude asking what he is supposed to be wearing that shabby Colombini outfit. And then the old dude will say: "But, but, but.. I am Aldo Colombini."

Great Times!


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