Saturday, 2 March 2013

How to spice up your linking rings!

Yesterday I was performing medieval style. In a castle courtyard with a well in the middle. The well was constantly overflowing creating a nice magical surface.

I asked myself, why not to use it in a magic way. I started producing coins from the well. I dipped my magic wand in there and produced a ball from the tip of the wand. Then I placed the ball into my left hand as the right hand with the wand dipped into the water again, then tapping the left hand to make the ball vanish. That's some built in motivation right there.

Realizing that I am building up the water as a power claim it struck me that the linking rings would greatly benefit from the magic water. So I showed two rings, dipped them into the water, linked them and came out with the small chain. Then I dipped in the 2-set and seemingly did the same effect. I could hand out the 2-set and the reaction I got was much stronger than those crash links. Then the usual antics and finally both chains of 2 would fuse inside the water to the chain of 4. It really is an eerie sight pulling out the ring from the water. Even though there is no difference in handling, the whole procedure felt very different. The effect was different. The water caused the magic.

If you got an endlessly overflowing well, use it!


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