Monday, 4 March 2013

Waving the Red Flag

I guess still being a reading member of the Magic Cafe has some merit. So there is this growing private message that Steve Brooks spammed to all the users, endorsing the "Real Secrets Team". Naturally the question about who the hell is behind Real Secrets came up.

The reason that we are not telling exactly who is involved with Real Secrets is that this is more about the many people involved as opposed to a person/persons/entity.

Rest assured that top names that you trust are involved and there is nothing underhanded. Real Secrets is about the material, the artists, and about secrets - it is not about one person, a few people, or a company - it is you and the best people in magic.

So if it doesn't matter, then who is behind Real Secrets? This should be a fucking big red flag. You are asked to pay before knowing what you will get exactly. You get offered two kinds of membership, platinum and gold. That is a nice psychological touch to make you think you are missing something big if you don't get the more expensive version. Also you won't be able to get older issues if you sign up later. We'll no pressure here! Also auto-recurring subscription... combined with the rumor that the contact box seems to be not working properly. On the TOS page they say "You agree not to describe, share, or post videos of any of the effects or methods shared in the Real Secrets community." In other words you would break their terms of service if you say anything about how it sucks and they kick you out. All of that just screams  STAY AWAY... THOSE ARE SCAMMERS! 

Unless of course they would reveal content and identity...


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