Sunday, 3 March 2013

WMF Magic For Jesus

You eventually commit a sin in your life. And good deeds don't make that sin go away. Only the belief in Jesus will clear you from that sin and get you to heaven. What a lame ass excuse not to do good deeds is that? You can be a sinner all you want, as long as you live according to Jesus' teachings you will eventually be forgiven. And what did Jesus teach? Among many things this: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." [Matthew. v. 3.] So dumb people go to heaven? Unfaithful people go to heaven? If so, then this week's magic failure will definitely go to heaven.

This man, faithful as he is, feels the need to teach others about Jesus 'n Stuff. That alone is a topic to be covered somewhere else. The method to teach is to use magic. And this is where I draw the line. I absolutely don't like Gospel magic. And all because my beloved magic is abused like little catholic choir boys.

On his website he clearly states his mission.
We believe that God is not boring. Church shouldn't be either. We like going to church. You should too. And so should your kids.
If that is true, why does he use magic to do that? It feels like some sort of giant misdirection. Like luring the kids into church with the promise of a magic show, but then hitting them with dogmatism. And that is misuse of magic.

But that's not all... watch this:

So does this man live what he teaches? Well I can't tell, but he is exposing magic. All of the "performances" are by YouTube user "magicforjesus". But then I stumbles upon YouTube user "quintlox" who is clearly the same guy. And then he goes one explaining the TT and "Equal Unequal Ropes".

Interestingly "quintlox" gives great thumbs up to "magicforjesus" pushing the ratings of the video in a really pathetic and obvious way. Wasn't there something in the teachings of Jesus that refer to being humble? I could be mistaken.

Anyway: There is no name given at the Magic for Jesus website. What kind of Christian behaviour is that? Hiding the name?

Anyways I learned something about Jesus after watching our unnamed preacher. Jesus died for me. Like seriously. On that cross, bleeding and in pain. He died for all of us. He took one for the team. That means that I don't have to make any effort to get into heaven. Because he loves me. Even though he doesn't know me. Wow a platonic bromance. Nope, I'll pass.

I rather be good, because it makes sense to be good. Not because somebody tells me to.


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