Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WMF Joe Monti

So let's assume you work for a magician. You do consulting work. You help him create and to maintain the show that he does. Let's further assume that you are a magician yourself and you get paid by the more successful magician to be in his "think tank".

Joe Safuto was such a magician before he got fired by Christopher Sarantakos.

Why is he not working for Christopher anymore? Simply because he was an unreliable piece of ass. A little bit more nicely worded by Luke Dancy over the the green monster.

[...] he's made my job very difficult by not showing up for work and feeling a certain form of entitlement here in the office by doing whatever he wanted.[...]

Even if it is all blown out of proportion the fact remains that there were difficulties and that eventually Joe had to leave the production. And this was obvious for everybody. So Joe came up with a plan. If he had to go, how about going with a bang. So he got himself a little audio recorder and pissed of Christopher enough so the big magician committed an assault. Christopher is know for that kind of abuse and his childish comebacks. So triggering "pointing the finger" was rather easy. Personally I wouldn't call touching someone with a finger in an argument an assault but just a lack of basic politeness, but it got the media all fired up.

The audio was released and a minor shit storm happened. I was all like... meh. But as more and more information surfaced it made Joe look really like a teenager trying to accuse the parents of some misdeed that they in turn accuse the teen of. All very immature.

So I struggled a bit to make him WMF, but then I realized that Joe is no newbie in life and that basic social skills should be expected. He failed in that regard and proved to be a valuable member of the magic loser community.

Btw: Joe Safuto has a pretty good silk routine:

And if you really wanna have a laugh, type in "Joe Monti" in Google image search, set the image search for large size and have the search filter turned off. Then hit enter.


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