Sunday, 3 March 2013

Makes me roll my eyes!

This is too much, too much! The following is straight from some magicians website.

Censored is an internationally known polymath who believes his purpose on planet Earth is to serve others by being a loving, passionate, and powerful example of how to live a productive, meaningful, and positive life. He’s a prolific author, seasoned traveler, adventurer, entrepreneur, producer, inventor, veteran, entertainer, and speaker-just to mention a few.

He holds a Masters of Business Administration, attended law school, and is the only America to have graduated with a Masters of Global Security from the Defense Academy of the United Kingdom, at the Royal Military College of Science. He has an insatiable appetite for learning and personal growth, and continues to work towards other qualifications as time permits, including further post-graduate courses in eBusiness and marketing, and doctoral work in leadership and history.

Censored is also a reality television personality, presenter, actor, and as a practicing magician and mentalist, who has amazed audiences at private functions, corporate events, in the theater, and on televisions all over the world.

And while all that may sound really cool, he doesn’t think any of it matters a single bit unless he is using it to serve others. His true love will always be helping those in need; after wearing a uniform for most of his adult life, this dedicated humanitarian now volunteers his time to provide in-field emergency assistance and protective security services in current conflict theaters, former military operational zones, and in areas of extreme poverty, famine, or that have been affected by disasters such as fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and tsunamis.

Anyone reading this, with a bit of brain will know that all of that might be true, but that this is misleading. And a guy with such misleading intentions must either be a scam artist or be insane.


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