Monday, 4 March 2013

WMF The Savronov Brothers

Alright. First Russian failure coming up. The Savronov Brothers. Ilya, and the twins Sergey and Andrey. They do TV work. Big time TV since 2002. Both in Russian and Ukrainian TV. Here is a sample:

Aside from the blatant ripping off, the poor staging, the snail pacing, the boring presentation and the oh so dramatic use of cuts, they recently got a show where they expose magic secrets. Amonge the secrets they reveal: The Metamorphosis, the Interlude, One escape from a obviously self build cabinet, one levitation and a suspension.

The point is, that it is done with not only disrespect, but with a certain hatred towards magic. They got good stuff out there. But they certainly didn't understand what magic is all about. Not the secrets...

But here is what annoys me about Twin brothers in Magic. Why the hell do you reveal the fact that there are two brother who could look the same if you want to? This needs to be the best kept secret in magic. Fail, Fail, Fail.


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