Monday, 4 March 2013

WMF Dalton Wayne

Alright, another week, another fail. This week: Dalton Wayne. Who is Dalton Wayne you might ask. Only the most inspired, most bad-ass creator of magic that graced us by walking on this earth.

He also has a nice video camera and mad editing skillz. But more on that later. A whole bunch of his adorable figments of his mind on sale via the Wire. Among those we'll find Osmosis. Any small item like a coin or a key into a soda can. Just watch the video.

"Oh awesome, I'd love to do that trick… I wonder what's the creative method behind this, that allows me to do this without having a big hole in the can?!" Oh, wait. There is a big hole. If that would be the case, wouldn't it be misleading advertisement? Wouldn't the video suggest that the can is actually unharmed. It cannot be shown 360 degrees!

Dalton Wayne has a really good video camera and is really good at editing his stuff so it looks amazing. And trust me his loves video editing. On his YouTube channel he has this little piece of fake video:

The comments below are his fans asking him to publish it. Here is the secret. Final Cut Pro or any other video editing software.

A while ago Dalton Wayne used to be a YouTube user named "iwilleatthebag" and he still has awesome little videos online. Almost all are in artsy black and white. Copying the look and feel of almost all that insanely talented Daniel Madison has put out.

So I guess by now Dalton Wayne has at least found himself an image. That of a self-assured, flamboyant personality with hints of dapper fashion sense. Well whatever floats your boat. But here is what Dalton Wayne is not. A creative magician. He is really good at emulation. He pretends to contribute to the magic community. His stuff is poorly structured magic. First method that comes up usually is the modus operandi. His demo videos really make the effect look good. I think he should work for Criss Angel.


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