Friday, 1 March 2013

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So what is this all about? Rus Andrews releases and effect called "Numbers"

Then Jamie Allan comes along claiming that Rus Andrews has stolen his effect:
On the 28th May, Rus Andrews releases an effect called "Numbers" on DVD, through Magic Tao. This is an EXACT COPY of my effect "WTF" that I released on my website as a download in 2008.

At the time of my release, Rus Andrews purchased the download and emailed me to say he'd created a routine that used a COUPLE OF MY IDEAS from WTF and could he put them on a self-published PDF he was wanting to release. I replied and said that yes, he could use those ideas with my blessing. Sadly rather than use a couple of bits, he used the entire method. He'd taken the number force technique, the deck stack and the displacement method that I created (since used by Shin Limm without credit either).
The only real change was to remove the final phase where a 'random' card is named. Instead Rus has a prediction inside an envelope. Hardly a major change by any stretch of the imagination. As a working professional I didn't have the time or inclination to contact him again due to work commitments, but I was very disappointed. Mostly because he credited me only slightly and certainly gave the impression that "Numbers" was his routine and idea.

Over the past few months I have been working with Russ Stevens at RSVP, creating ideas for a new DVD featuring my presentations and ideas. The format is a unique one, which I'm sure you'll hear more about soon and also features several of my routines, one of which was "WTF" as a stage presentation. I now hear that Rus Andrews is about to release "Numbers" onto DVD. I immediately contacted him and told him he didn't have my permission for this and that he should withdraw the product from release. I received a rather arrogant and matter of fact email stating that I should have told him when he originally asked to use the "couple of ideas" that he couldn't release them on DVD. That it was my problem. So, he contacts me and states the release is for a self-produced PDF. I was gracious enough to say yes and now this is how he responds to my original kindness.
It appears that Rus Andrews and Magic Tao will argue that his small alteration to the effect, warrants a DVD under his name . This is not the case as apart from this tiny change, it is completely my routine. Rus Andrews tells me that I should have told him originally that he couldn't release my effect on DVD, but doesn't seem to grasp that it was he that sought my permission to use a couple of bits to use on a PDF. He has never mentioned the fact that he was releasing the DVD of my routine and it was his responsibility to ask me, not the other way round. To say otherwise is the most ridiculous excuse I can imagine.

I've read other posts here and see that Jeff Pierce also has an issue with Rus Andrews regarding one of his other releases, "Evolution". Jeff asked why he and Charlie Justice weren't asked for permission as it's discussed on the 'Prohibition' DVD. Rus Andrews never answered that question and I guess we all know exactly why that was. Before release, it's been pointed out to Rus Andrews that he doesn't have permission and yet still he goes ahead. Seems like he thinks he can act with impunity and without respect and regard for the original creators. This should not be allowed to happen.

Rus Andrews and Magic Tao plan on releasing "Numbers" it onto DVD without my consent or permission and to do so and they are fully aware of the situation and yet despite my objections as the creator, he and Magic Tao are still going ahead.

So what do I do now???

The release of "WTF" was one of the routines on my upcoming project with RSVP and is now negated. As the creator, that's not right. I've therefore decided to post the full routine for "WTF" up onto the internet for you all to enjoy for FREE and in the process you can avoid purchasing "Numbers'. If you like the effect and think you can use it, I ask that you click on the link that will be provided on the relevant page and make a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation. That way a little good can come out of the situation for me at least. Who knows, maybe Rus Andrews will see the light and donate some of the money he made from his PDF sales too?

"WTF" is a completely hands off ACAAN using a REGULAR deck of cards that can be throughly examined before and after. I think you should check out the full routine. I am even including the many improvements I have made to the method since its original release. This is not a sales ploy, but an attempt to not let Rus Andrews profit any further from my creation and most importantly claim the method of "Numbers' as his idea.

I'm currently performing abroad and will shoot the effect and explanation this week. The upload will go live on June the 1st and I'll post the link here then for you all to enjoy. I hope you like it and have fun with it.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy 'WTF'.


Jamie Allen

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