Friday, 8 March 2013

Splice you Opinion

Shin Lim may be a bright new light on the magic horizon. Maybe too bright... One of his products: Splice. With a nifty demo video:

In case it is deleted: A signed Eight of Diamonds is shown, twirled on the right hand middle finger to prove it's a single card. Then it is placed on the deck, and then placed in the middle. Magic gesture, and it's back on top. Near the end of the video this is repeated from a different angle. The only difference: The card is not placed on top, and then placed in the middle. But placed on top and cut into the middle via Charlier Cut.

Here is the caviar: The video is faked. A duplicate is used.

This issue was brought up on the Magic Café. Shin Lim replied:
Hey guys, Shin Lim here. This has been a move I've been working on for a while now, and I felt that it was a sleight worth putting out into the magic community. It's a move that can be done perfectly if practice is put in to it. So the answer is NO I didn't use two duplicates. All it took for dendrake to do was to crop my playing card a couple of milimeters up to make the signature look different. If you notice the end result of the second 8 was that the 8 on top looked faded on the edges, because of the "cropping". Guys, I would never do such a thing as to use 2 duplicates when the move doesn't ask for it(and because I would rather take the time to do a couple of "takes" and get the move right on camera, than to painstakingly forge a signature and make them look identical). It's an extremely clean sleight, and if you ever see me at a convention, I'll be more than happy to show you a live demonstration, including you, Dendrake.

Shin Lim

What a liar.

This is not new. I remember the time when Craig Petty faked a sleeving demonstration during the Wizard Product review. But that's a different story.


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