Friday, 1 March 2013

WMF Andriy Chekanyuk

Russia has a TV. Hard to believe I know.... On channel 3 there is a show called "Surprise Me" and boy did young Ukrainian Andriy Chekanyuk surprise.

Usually when people copy an act, they tend to put there own spin on it, by adding a joke or by adding a trick. Not so out 23-year-old Andriy Chekanyuk. He just copied Piff the Magic Dragon.

Oh wait maybe I was wrong, he has guinea pig instead of a dog. But watch the video first:

How do you feel now? Is your view on the magic community shattered? This is the norm guys. Usually not that blatant, but copying is the norm. Watch young people perform. You can always tell what DVD's they own. This dickhead took it way too far.

The judge even calls him out on that. "there is a famous magician who works in the same costume with the same act but the only difference is that he has a little dog and you have a little guinea pig." (around 9.50)
At least John is aware of this and released a nice comparison video.


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