Saturday, 2 March 2013

Totally Off Topic

I really don't like to go off topic on this magic blog, but I have seen the following video. I never saw such an asshole. He has no idea what he is talking about. He oversimplifies, draws wrong conclusions, if any and even dares to say that he is interested in science. What fucking idiot. And that is not based on science, but my own opinion.

This guy made me angry. He is not trying to say that creationism is right, but he is trying to willfully hurt those who use the scientific method to further understand the universe. And the way he does it is by misdirection. He starts with one liners and jokes, which could have been in the repertoire of any close up magician.  And then he brushes over the topics in a breathtaking speed which make it hard to argue against, because one is hit with the next wall of bullshit a second later.

I'm all for freedom of speech and all. But he is just an fucking idiot.

Make sure you watch this too... before watching the above video. Kind of stupid of me to set them up in the wrong order!


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