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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Me sad! Me ranting!

Every single magic store / online shop that sells Kevin Parker's Revolution Coin Vanish should be avoided... Every single one. How can those seller look at themselves in the mirror? How?

WMF Stemaro

Stemaro Magic is a German magic dealer. One of many... there is nothing spectacular about them. But recently they started a Magic Wiki... and it goes right into exposure territory. Among the stuff they explain in the name of "teaching and resource": The Spider Pen (pictures included), what Rubber Cement is good for and various card techniques. While this is not totally hurting magic it still is very, very unrespectful towards the magic secret. It is German, so I see little harm overall, yet having popular trends (like having a wiki for everything, iphone apps) applied to magic is wrong.

Please Stemaro... take that away, make it so, that it is no more.

The Angry Man of Magic - Stop Thief!

jasa seo murah My colleague has recently had a problem with theft. Of material. But not in the way you might instantly think. This is theft of props... at a gig... by the punters... punters who are expecting to be entertained with a few pieces of laminated cardboard and a rubber band, but will now suffer another card trick because one of their klepto klunt friends has walked off with the props.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

What exactly did this reincarnation of Forrest Gump's alat bantu sex more stupid brother think he was stealing? This isn't the 'piece of cardboard to million dollar pot of gold' transformation that we've all thought suitable to bring to the working mans club. Nor is it something that can be resold on ebay for beer money. It's worthless to you, and everyone else.

Can you imagine the advert?

“Plez l@@k - mega magick trick!!! no idea how it works becuz I didnt' steel the instructions but sure YOU can work it out yourselfs. LOL. thanx for lucking” (all spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors are likely to be real, since he's the sort of person who puts the 'retard' into 'illiterate.')

In fact, to anyone other than alat bantu sex  a magician his haul is pointless. So why do it? Would you hang around the back doors at a rock gig, and nick Robert Plant's guitar if he turned his back to talk with another fan? (Actually, don't answer that - it was meant to be a proverbial question, but I realize I've just given you another business plan in your next 24-hour day release.) peluang usaha online

We don't even have any money to pay a ransom. Was that your plan, Mr. Thief? Instead of pirating material from teh interwebs, are you on an exchange program from Somali and though that magic was the game to be in?

What Rainman doesn't even realize is that it isn't just the cost of the props. Sometimes it'll have a alat bantu sex sentimental value (our personal prototype, or a gifted trick); or represent a great deal of time in manufacture or easing the product in until it's usable; or that we have to make rush purchases to get a replacement for tomorrows gig which is a 50 km drive north... while the only magic shop is 50 km drive south.

Hate. Hate them all. pembuatan toko online murah

Hydrophobic Fabric

I'm seeing a serious way to include this in an illusion show. Like emerging from a water tank with dry clothing.

Click this link to the main page.

Don't knock the creator of "From Nothing", Roland!

Whatever you may think of his revolutionary coin vanish, which I taught him BY THE WAY. The creator of 'From Nothing' deserves much praise. Much, much, much, much, much, much praise. But not as much as me.

Whenever I haven't got the C.U.N.T.O.M.A.T.I.C. strapped on, I always carry a spare plastic carrier bag, and a piece of fruit. Or a vegetable. 

Now that's what I call magic, folks.


All you Open Travelers

Here is pro tip for you, if you do any Open Travelers (aka Invisible Palm).

DO NOT show your hand empty on the first card. Keep it palm down. Spread the fingers... leave the people wondering how exactly you palm the card. Even make a fist... then go down and conclude the first effect. On the second time you can show your hand empty. But only very, very briefly. On the third time you can be all "open" about it.

Friday, 8 March 2013

WMF Keith Raleigh

Remember the time when stereotypes were funny?

Times have changed a bit and magicians need to adopt to the changing times. Some have not gotten the message. Keith Raleigh is such a case. Here... watch this:

There are more clips just like this one. The magic is decent, but the presentation is an absolute no nowadays. My childhood was full of racial stereotypes. We used the N-word made fun of Asians and gays. Today is different. That's part of an evolving culture. There will be times, when today's standard is in no way acceptable. But right now Keith Raleigh's alter ego The Great Ching Chang is in no way okay. So he will be this week's failure.

He has come a long way

Mr. Mayoral has certainly come along way in magic. The act you are about to see from FISM 1994. A very, very lonely piece of magic. Full to the brim with symbolism. I don't think I get all of them (or even one for that matter).

The act is clearly nerdy in all ways. Even a bit creepy. Good? Well see for yourself:

What makes the ending even more tragic is realizing that this is a one person act.

Wanna have a wtf moment?

Splice you Opinion

Shin Lim may be a bright new light on the magic horizon. Maybe too bright... One of his products: Splice. With a nifty demo video:

In case it is deleted: A signed Eight of Diamonds is shown, twirled on the right hand middle finger to prove it's a single card. Then it is placed on the deck, and then placed in the middle. Magic gesture, and it's back on top. Near the end of the video this is repeated from a different angle. The only difference: The card is not placed on top, and then placed in the middle. But placed on top and cut into the middle via Charlier Cut.

Here is the caviar: The video is faked. A duplicate is used.

This issue was brought up on the Magic Café. Shin Lim replied:
Hey guys, Shin Lim here. This has been a move I've been working on for a while now, and I felt that it was a sleight worth putting out into the magic community. It's a move that can be done perfectly if practice is put in to it. So the answer is NO I didn't use two duplicates. All it took for dendrake to do was to crop my playing card a couple of milimeters up to make the signature look different. If you notice the end result of the second 8 was that the 8 on top looked faded on the edges, because of the "cropping". Guys, I would never do such a thing as to use 2 duplicates when the move doesn't ask for it(and because I would rather take the time to do a couple of "takes" and get the move right on camera, than to painstakingly forge a signature and make them look identical). It's an extremely clean sleight, and if you ever see me at a convention, I'll be more than happy to show you a live demonstration, including you, Dendrake.

Shin Lim

What a liar.

This is not new. I remember the time when Craig Petty faked a sleeving demonstration during the Wizard Product review. But that's a different story.

The Angry Man of Magic - The middle lane magician

I got into magic seriously when I was in my 20's. That quite late by most accounts, but I don't care. I feel it has added a maturity to my character, and a depth to my understanding of the art. I'm happy to talk with the youngsters about the latest and greatest gimmicks; although I'm old enough to realize they're only adaptations of older principles... and their latest 1-trick DVD was a throw-away routine in a book from 30 years ago. However, the conversation doesn't always last very long, since they think I'm too long in the tooth because I haven't bought the latest XYZ on pre-release from Jay Sankey. Alas, I am spurned.

I'm also happy to talk with the elder statesmen of our art; those who worked alongside Canasta and have shunned technology since Gutenberg. Each day they pray for the death of the internet, and still haven't learned to work their DVD player. However, the conversation doesn't last very long, since I'm too young to have the original 1954 edition of a tome so dusty that it falls foul of health and safety, or that I learned a sleight from a DVD, instead of the original in the (now out of print) hyper-expensive collectors edition lecture notes that exist in a singularity within another universes time-space continuum. Alas, I am spurned.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

Am I such an objectionable person that no one wants to talk to me? Er no - because it's not just the conversation.

The youngsters haven't learned enough manners to wait in the queue without pushing, barging, or giving frat-boy aggravation. The oldsters haven't learned that age doesn't grant you the right to push to the front of the queue. Although maybe it should, perhaps they're so old they might die in the next 12 seconds if they don't get to the front. They have, after, got to pass comment on how Slydini did it. And better. And that they taught him.

The youngsters haven't learned that - I not knowing the name of a new sleight - doesn't mean I'm stupid. The oldsters haven't learned that I not knowing the name of an old sleight doesn't mean I'm stupid. They're probably the same sleight, anyway. And the only way I'll know this is if magicians gave proper crediting throughout (which they often don't), and I have read the exact same set of books that they have (which I almost never have.)

The youngsters haven't learned that the magical inheritance isn't theirs yet; they haven't earned it, there's lots of people in the bequeathal queue before them; particularly if it's not a self-working card trick from Ellusionist. The oldsters haven't learned their magical legacy is out of their sleight-weary, wrinkled, old hands. Magic moves on. They no longer own it. It's time they realized.

I'm beginning to come to terms with this. I am a "middle lane magician". It's just like driving a car where everyone on the road seems like an idiot - those going faster than you are un-safe idiots. Those going slowly are retarded, plodding, idiots. Except in this case, I'm not sure which are the youngsters, and which are the oldsters.

WMF Chris Burton

It is interesting how a certain type of magician always comes up doing the same thing over and over again. Treating magic and it's secrets badly by disrespecting the value of it. Chris Burton is such a guy. His website Secrets of Card Magic is such a case.

Basically 25 years old Chris Burton is a sell out, offering magic secrets that are not his own under the pretext of teaching. Here is the simple rule about teaching: Teach your own material. If you teach other's material you need to get permission by the creator. If the creator is dead you have to wait for the copyright to wear off. Any book published prior 1923 is public domain. Also if the author is dead for 70 years the book tends to be public domain.

The stuff taught by Chris Burton is not his own for the most part. How do I know? Well I certainly didn't pay for the "8 phases of access" each costing 25 bucks to unlock it. But I had somebody tell me what's in it. What do you expect? Of course the standard stuff like the Snap Change and other shit that sells well to the uninformed audience. And I gotta give Chris Burton some credits, as it took a lot of work to put all of this together.

Selling out magic is too common nowadays. I give you an example: The key card principle is usually one of the first "cool" things we learn. Very soon the "cool" wears of and it is old and simple and even pathetic. So it is easy to dismiss the value that the key card holds. Chris Burton seems to dismiss a lot of value. So he feels eligible to both teach and getting paid for secrets that aren't his. Weekly Magic Failure for me.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bravo Andrew, Bravo!

Andrew, I can't think of anything to add to your wonderful post on the Splice issue. All I can do is link towards it... hopefully getting you more traffic.

Got time for some theory?

I often see the word "teleportation" and "transposition" being used for the same thing. Well it's not....

Let me explain by starting from the very beginning. The first two basic effects are "vanish" and "production". Basically something fades out of existence and then comes back. If you want to be all nit picky than you might see, that it is actually just one effect. One of them is just the reverse of the other. But keep in mind that those two effects are the two basic effects that the following will build on.

Transformation: So an object changes into another object. Think about it. When seeing this our brain could interpret this as two different events. The first one is, that two objects are in play. The first object faded out of existence while the other one appeared from thing air. All at the same place in space creating the effect. Now the second way to see this is the following: Just one object, which changes it's attributes. We just haven't see the actual change. And because our brain cannot easily decide which scenario is the actual case it makes up this third effect. Simply called "transformation".

Teleportation: Very similar to the transformation again we have two possible events taking place. The first one again is about two objects. At place A object A could vanish, while at place B object B could appear. Or the second was out brain could see this is, that the object becomes invisible and moves to the new location unseen to become visible again. In most cases both scenarios are thinkable and again our brain cannot decide which on to pick. So "teleportation" becomes the fourth effect in magic.

So if we call the first two effects in magic basic effects, then the next two, the transformation and the teleportation become effects of a higher level, as at least both of the basic effects are needed to explain them.

An even higher level of effects would be the Transposition: When two objects swap places, two possible events could take place. Both objects could simply be still where they are, they just transformed into one another, or the two objects teleported to the other ones location. Both cases are valid, our brain cannot decide which one, so the "transposition" becomes the fifth effect.

So you see that teleportation and transposition are not the same thing. Thank you for reading and sorry to have bothered you being a bitcher about a problem that apparently only I am seeing.

Act #1

I don't even know why I'm writing this now... but once in while a thought occurs. What if I had real magic powers. Just me... Nobody else. Would I make that know? I assume there would be limits to the magic powers. So my life wouldn't be save if I openly announced that. I know how crazy power hungry human being are. So I guess I would keep that a secret.

But still I wouldn't wanna be totally quite about that. After all I have this gift, I need to show the people. So I assume the best way to deal with such a dilemma would be to pretend to be a magician using tricks to achieve the wonders. Little work, lot's of money.

So what would my act be like? I can't be too extreme, or people might think I got real magic powers. But I couldn't be too dull either, as I would get no shows. My thought was: How about just three tricks for the whole show. Three really good ones. Tricks that might be achieved via trickery (but would be very hard to pull off) yet are unique enough to gain me "fame and fortune and everything that goes with it." Here is the first one:

1. The Homunculus
On stage there is a table. On the table there is a big glass jar. But that is covered with a cloth. The magicians enters. Talks about the how the alchemists tried to make gold. But also tried to create life. You managed such a feat. The spotlight is moved to the cloth which is dragged away revealing the jar. In the jar there is a small harlequin with a tiny little mask. It's not moving. The magician opens the jar, puts on some gloves and takes out the small human shaped doll and sets it on the table in front of the jar.
Then the magician starts reciting some incantation and after that the arm of the little man starts moving. Then the other arm. Finally it does some steps, jumps down the table and takes a bow.
Then in typical fashion of a magician rings are used to prove there are no threads nor wires. The humunculus is then placed back on the table and does some dancing. Following that mindreading is demonstrated. A spectator is asked to think of a number between 5 and 15. The little man claps his hands 9 times. The spectator verifies that he was thinking of the number 9.
And to finish this act the magician announces to explain the feat and how this little man is moving. It's a deal you have to make with unknown entities, that are vaguely mentioned in some fairy tales. Most often this back fires. But you have it all under control. Then the harlequin turns towards the audience and takes off it's little mask. Underneath there is an imp face with evil eyes. The magician then quickly grabs it by the neck and tosses the creature back into the jar. Just as he closes the lid the creature starts to burst into flames. Smoke fills the jar a strange noises arise. Whispers that fade out. Finally the lid is opened and the jar is tipped over. Heavy smoke rolls out over the table. But the jar is empty.

The other two acts will follow.

The Angry Man of Magic - Concentrating on the presentation.

There are two broad strokes to learning my magic - the method, and the presentation. The method is the bit in which most of us are interested. Learning the sleights and being able to show the exposed view to our friends at the magic club is the closest to a circle jerk we've had since high school. It's hidden, and it's enjoyable.

Then there's the presentation. A cool and effective delivery. Strong patter lines, interspersed with relevant humor (not random jokes ripped from other acts, or the Internet). It all makes something with which an audience can engage.

To be an effective entertainer, I need to be able to do both. Blindfold. At the same time. Without mistakes. In fact, if something outside of my control causes a mistake, I must be capable of resolving the mistakes. Blindfold. At the same time. Without further mistakes.

So why do tricks insist in telling me the method is so easy I can "concentrate on the presentation"

Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

Magicians need to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. If I can't perform the sleights required by the routine, I should not be doing it. Period. No one should. Practice not until you can do it right, but until you can't do it wrong, as they say. You must be able to commit each move, turn, block, and misdirection to muscle memory and handle it as smoothly as if you aren't doing a move. Or turn. Or block. Or misdirection.

If the trick has simple sleights, say so. But the Google translate function inside my head just replaces "concentrate on the presentation" with "there's no incentive to practice this, so you will mess up and look as stupid as an amoebic dysentery diet plan.

Maybe the other interpretation is "you'll be performing this right out of the box". This actually means, "you won't bother even writing a script, so you can concentrate on ad-libbing incoherent verbal durchfall during the presentation". And since, unless you're Bill Malone, ad-libbed presentations consist of a running commentary of the moves; so don't be surprised if I don't concentrate on your presentation.


College Humor sometimes has nice surprises.

And this might be a lesson for some magicians who keep buying the next self levitation, undoubtedly being under the unconscious assumption that they might end up buying the real thing.

Audio Rant #14 Lying

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

So He's Banned

Harry Lorayne on the MC

I LOVE critical views from those who know what the h*ll they're talking about, houtjes, certainly not from you. And, listen closely, if you can - I "plug" (I call it "mention") my magic books WHEN I FEEL (in many cases, KNOW) that they can help. Just as the poster above admitted he didn't know about an item under discussion of mine, that has been around for decades. Hey, who knows? I may have - or may not - have helped him. Immaterial; I tried.

I frankly doubt that you understand that. Or, that magic is, has been for over six decades, a labor of love for me. Yes, my magic books sell more than most - but NOWHERE NEAR THE BOOKS I WRITE FOR THE PUBLIC (differences of hundreds of thousands, if you can "grasp" that).

Yes, it must be a cultural difference - it makes me feel good to help people. I realize that YOU (I don't know about your "WE")don't realize, understand, that - because I don't know or see how you help anyone. (Certainly not in magic - how long have you been into magic, I'd be curious to know.) And, you really have given me the laugh of the day - you come in with your un-called-for RUDE silliness, and when I respond YOU can't seem to "take" my critical view of you.

As I said, I don't know about your "we" - I've spent time in Holland, lectured, spent time with individuals - please don't drop them down into your class. So, if you want to come in where no-one asked you, where you know nothing of the situation, with a "low blow" directly at me don't expect me to lie back and enjoy it. Not the nature of this beast. (PS: I do appreciate your "true master" remark!)

later he added this

I'm sorry, houtjes, do you mean like the way you judged me here: "A bit more modesty wouldn't harm you Mister Lorayne..." - your "fair remark"? Is that what you mean? Like your original un-called "flaming" at me? My posts are not "un-called" for - they're in response to your bullcr*p. You're a joke!! And - I take you VERY SERIOUSLY. Believe me. Seriously enough that I won't sit back and allow your egotistical b*******t to go unanswered.

Dude, just because you censor your own profanities doesn't mean you didn't fucking mean it.

According to Genii this got HL banned from the MC. Too bad, reading his stuff was a riot.

WMF David Penn

David Penn, the even lesser half of The Wizard Product review is not the brightest of all lights. I've mentioned that before. But here is what happened. 20 days ago the Wizard Product Review was published and David Penn tore apart the new Jeff McBride DVD, as it apparently contained part of Wayne Dobson's act. When I saw that I seriously doubted that Jeff McBride would do that, unless he secured the rights or made massive modifications so he could call it his own.

David Penn even informed Wayne Dobson of this before the actual show. And Wayne Dobson even believed the man.

So what does Wayne Dobson do? He confronted Jeff McBride, who in turn showed him the "clip in question". Of course is was unlike what Wayne Dobson does. So Wayne Dobson does the next correct thing and calls David Penn asking them to take down the episode, as it wasn't true.

David Penn did so, but started their next review with an introduction, that they took it down because Wayne and Jeff came to an agreement.

NOT true you dickhead! You were wrong, but your fucking pride in finding a possible piece of sensational journalism made you blind for the obvious. That you were simply wrong about things.

David Penn even went so far asking Wayne Dobson to post something on the green monster thanking David Penn to have helped resolving that situation. A situation you cause you idiot!

Wayne Dobson released a lengthy statement about this but the last few lines need to be posted:
I think David Penn should be ashamed and I hope that our community takes the correct action to show that this type of behaviour is unacceptable. I hope the magiccafe and its members show their displeasure in ways that will make him realise that intimidation, coercion and bullying are not acceptable in our world.

BANNED!!!! (but unrepentant)

Well, Roland, why was I banned from the Magic Cafe Forum?


No, it was a little known but highly aggressive impersonator, who goes by the name of Harry Lorayne...

... this schmuck did for me on that forum. If he had played it cool, not risen to the bait and lived to tell the tale, then maybe he'd be up there yet....

But don't sweat it, folks, he isn't even frickin' real!!!!


Being humble and great!

So there is this article over at the magic cafe. Someone asked for the most underrated card men and asked to list some. John Bannon was among the mentions and I would agree. But also statements like "I'm underrated". I humbly beg for your opinion... is it just me, or is humbleness not a positive character trait anymore? Is it considered weakness or what?

This of course extends to advertisement. I cannot believe how many #1 magicians are out there. And I truly believe that most of them doing it, actually believe their tooting of their own horn. To think of oneself as the best thing since sliced bread really is a bad character trait! At least in my humble opinion.

It worries me. From a psychological point of view. So I'm asking you: Do you know a magician, who is very self centered and doesn't take any criticism without fighting like a mad man? Who suffers from a lack of empathy or remorse, false emotions, selfishness, grandiosity or deceptiveness, which results in a pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others? If so I suggest you read all about this.

I understand that if you don't advertise yourself nobody else does... Well this is not true. You can pay someone to do this. I can tell when the text of a website is written by the magician himself. And most choose the "third person" to do that. And of course they do. It's much easier to write something good about yourself and not come across as a selfish prick. Try this: change your website's text from third person to first person. If it comes across like you are an egocentric dick, you should change your advertisement.


So Jeff McBride and Wayne Dobson have released a joint statement.

"We have read both David Penn and Craig Petty’s ‘apologies’ and sadly see that each has chosen to carefully avoid the one situation that made this so serious and morally contemptible. The secret telephone recordings made by David Penn, without Wayne Dobson’s knowledge.
We now know that this is not the first time that David Penn has employed such tactics, as others have come forward and confirmed. That is reprehensible, but to then actually play them to third parties is beyond the pale, as well as being illegal. We also confirm that others have now come forward and told us of similar intimidation and bullying techniques. Wayne’s was not an isolated incident.
We would suggest that avoidance of a mention to this in their apologies shows that they are not heartfelt, but rather a cynical attempt to gain some sympathy.
On the forums at least, this whole sad story is over but we fear that David Penn and Craig Petty’s names and reputations in our fraternity will forever be tarnished by their actions (or lack of).
Wayne Dobson and Jeff Mc Bride – 7th February 2012"

So I guess it is the end of the Wizards Products review. Who will fill the gap and make us laugh? Who will be the one totally misunderstanding magic? Who will praise gimmicky stuff, but shun real workers?

So I guess WPR is WMF. It's demise it a clear indicator both guys are not up to the task. Furthermore, if the accusations of the joint statement of Dobson and McBride are just the light upon both of them dims itself even more. Let's leave them in the shadows.

I already miss Blammo. You will be dearly missed.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weekly Failure my ass.... Daily is the way to go!

The Daily Deception.... have you heard of it. It's a rather new thing on the magic horizon. And by thing I mean Daily Online Journal. I discovered it while browsing the darkness of the green monster. And somehow this beacon of light came through. And right next to it was The Daily Deception. I read some of the articles. Mostly about who is jamming with who. Clearly filler material... poor bastards.

But still check them out. The guys in charge Chris Williams, Chad Rees and Xavior Spade are actual magicians unlike editors of other news sites.

The Secret Art of Magic

Haven't done a serious book review in a while. So here I offer you a book on magic theory which is way underrated in my humble opinion. The Secret Art of Magic by Eric Evans and Nowlin Craver. It's been originally published by "Magic To Laugh By" in 2003. Reprints are still available for 45 dollars.

The book is basically separated into two parts. Each part stands on it's own. Both are about approaching the classic work "The Art of War" by Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu and applying it's principles to magic. What may sound a little weird actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Magic is a bit of a war. You are fighting for a certain goal. That goal is deception. War is all about deception and its time honored strategies are all about dispersion.

The first part, "Street Magic and The Art of War" written by Eric Evans probably is the more accessible part. Eric wrote:
I am not much of a fighter. I prefer to think of street performance, or for that matter any performance of magic, as a tactical war. A war only won by identifying and executing sound principles. As the magician, I become the general, and to some degree, the sovereign; the tricks are my weapons; and the audience is, at different times, the land to be conquered, my opponent, and my allies. Thus, tactics and strategies are my primary concern for a successful campaign.

Pretty esoteric one would think at first glance. But Eric takes the subject and shows that the principles of war do in fact apply to magic. The whole first part is about how the strategies can be used to improve street magic. The terms Laying Plans, Terrain, Offensive Strategy, Espionage and Attack by Fire sure sound like military terms, but they do have magic counter parts. (Trick Selection, Pitch, Stopping People, Hecklers and Festivals in case you wondered).

It's a great book if you want to become a really, really good busker. You can learn it slowly the hard way by making your own experiences, or you can drastically shorten the time by adding the knowledge of the book with your own experiences.

The second part of the book, written by Nowlin Craver probably is where most of you would raise an eyebrow. In order to understand it you need to know about "The Thirty-Six Stratagems" a compilation of 36 military ruses. Fist one: Lure the Tiger from the Mountain, second one: Conceal a Dagger Behind Smile and so on. These strategies are applied to magic. Nowlin Craver really tried to put it all into focus. His main epiphany was that those strategies don't describe war tactics, but more or less tactics of dispersion. We magicians use misdirection all the time. Think about it. Misdirection is much more than looking to the left and doing something with the right hand. Having a spectator examine the cups prior to the performance of the cups and balls is important, as you don't want the audience to think that the cups have something to do with the routine. How is that misdirection. Well, misdirection has two functions. First making you look away from the secret and second, to make you look at the effect. If the cups are not examined before the lemons appear, the effect has less impact. In order to make the effect (the military strike) have as much impact as possible you need to know that no lemons where there before. The more surprised the enemy is, the quicker the battle ends. Or to use magic terms: The more surprised the audience, the stronger the effect. Sounds simple! Well it is!

The Secret Art Of Magic is a great little book. I have not met many people who have read it. If you are serious about magic, if you wanna become good in the proper routine construction for your sleight of hand routines, you better read that book. More than once!

WMF Joe Monti

So let's assume you work for a magician. You do consulting work. You help him create and to maintain the show that he does. Let's further assume that you are a magician yourself and you get paid by the more successful magician to be in his "think tank".

Joe Safuto was such a magician before he got fired by Christopher Sarantakos.

Why is he not working for Christopher anymore? Simply because he was an unreliable piece of ass. A little bit more nicely worded by Luke Dancy over the the green monster.

[...] he's made my job very difficult by not showing up for work and feeling a certain form of entitlement here in the office by doing whatever he wanted.[...]

Even if it is all blown out of proportion the fact remains that there were difficulties and that eventually Joe had to leave the production. And this was obvious for everybody. So Joe came up with a plan. If he had to go, how about going with a bang. So he got himself a little audio recorder and pissed of Christopher enough so the big magician committed an assault. Christopher is know for that kind of abuse and his childish comebacks. So triggering "pointing the finger" was rather easy. Personally I wouldn't call touching someone with a finger in an argument an assault but just a lack of basic politeness, but it got the media all fired up.

The audio was released and a minor shit storm happened. I was all like... meh. But as more and more information surfaced it made Joe look really like a teenager trying to accuse the parents of some misdeed that they in turn accuse the teen of. All very immature.

So I struggled a bit to make him WMF, but then I realized that Joe is no newbie in life and that basic social skills should be expected. He failed in that regard and proved to be a valuable member of the magic loser community.

Btw: Joe Safuto has a pretty good silk routine:

And if you really wanna have a laugh, type in "Joe Monti" in Google image search, set the image search for large size and have the search filter turned off. Then hit enter.

Best Episode Ever

How vague is that?

So there is this Real Secrets thing that makes its round. Monthly tricks will be send to your address. That is a subscription costing 36 dollars per three months if you are from the US and 40 if you are not from the US.

Apparently you get "incredible, innovative, and exciting NEW magic, thinking, and surprises by creators like Gaetan Bloom, Cyril, Michael Weber, Robert Neale, Max Maven, John Kennedy, and an ever-growing team of the best minds in magic. We’ve even included an unpublished Paul Curry effect."

Dude that vague... tell me more. Way more. I'm past the point of paying for something in magic not knowing exactly what I will get.

Steve Brooks is pimping this over at the Magic Café:
I know some of the folks involved with this project and much about what is coming during the next twelve months. Based on that information alone I immediately signed up for 1 year of their Exclusive Platinum membership and would ecourage anyone who is serious about their magic to consider doing the same.
Sounds like he gets a lot of money for this. Your thoughts?

Monday, 4 March 2013

Waving the Red Flag

I guess still being a reading member of the Magic Cafe has some merit. So there is this growing private message that Steve Brooks spammed to all the users, endorsing the "Real Secrets Team". Naturally the question about who the hell is behind Real Secrets came up.

The reason that we are not telling exactly who is involved with Real Secrets is that this is more about the many people involved as opposed to a person/persons/entity.

Rest assured that top names that you trust are involved and there is nothing underhanded. Real Secrets is about the material, the artists, and about secrets - it is not about one person, a few people, or a company - it is you and the best people in magic.

So if it doesn't matter, then who is behind Real Secrets? This should be a fucking big red flag. You are asked to pay before knowing what you will get exactly. You get offered two kinds of membership, platinum and gold. That is a nice psychological touch to make you think you are missing something big if you don't get the more expensive version. Also you won't be able to get older issues if you sign up later. We'll no pressure here! Also auto-recurring subscription... combined with the rumor that the contact box seems to be not working properly. On the TOS page they say "You agree not to describe, share, or post videos of any of the effects or methods shared in the Real Secrets community." In other words you would break their terms of service if you say anything about how it sucks and they kick you out. All of that just screams  STAY AWAY... THOSE ARE SCAMMERS! 

Unless of course they would reveal content and identity...

WMF The Savronov Brothers

Alright. First Russian failure coming up. The Savronov Brothers. Ilya, and the twins Sergey and Andrey. They do TV work. Big time TV since 2002. Both in Russian and Ukrainian TV. Here is a sample:

Aside from the blatant ripping off, the poor staging, the snail pacing, the boring presentation and the oh so dramatic use of cuts, they recently got a show where they expose magic secrets. Amonge the secrets they reveal: The Metamorphosis, the Interlude, One escape from a obviously self build cabinet, one levitation and a suspension.

The point is, that it is done with not only disrespect, but with a certain hatred towards magic. They got good stuff out there. But they certainly didn't understand what magic is all about. Not the secrets...

But here is what annoys me about Twin brothers in Magic. Why the hell do you reveal the fact that there are two brother who could look the same if you want to? This needs to be the best kept secret in magic. Fail, Fail, Fail.

*rolleyes* it ain't gonna stop


Do you guys mind, if I switch the blog design from the classic format to a more dynamic version?

Like this: Weekly Magic. There is a poll on the right side.

Will you be able to adopt to the change?

Hey guys, I'm talking to you! You Tenyo Elite!

Jason Palter, Peter Loughran and Steve Brooks, yeah you. Aka JPS Magic Studios. What's up? Are you still around? I'm just asking because in August 2009 you wrote on your Tenyo Elite website:

We are proud to say that our first two Tenyo Elite releases (Fortune Sticks and Moonspinner) are officially in production and being manufactured as you read this!
And what a fun time that was. Both items I can still buy. Not that anybody needs metal version of cheap looking plastic tricks anyway. How did that work out for you? I really would like to know. The news post you made three years ago continues:
Our other two products (Blue Crystal and Soft Coins) will follow in a couple of months---to ensure that all our 2009 releases are out before the end of the year.
Too bad that both these items are still labelled as "coming soon". What's going on? Or was 99 bucks for each the Fortune Sticks and the Moonspinner too much?

WMF Dalton Wayne

Alright, another week, another fail. This week: Dalton Wayne. Who is Dalton Wayne you might ask. Only the most inspired, most bad-ass creator of magic that graced us by walking on this earth.

He also has a nice video camera and mad editing skillz. But more on that later. A whole bunch of his adorable figments of his mind on sale via the Wire. Among those we'll find Osmosis. Any small item like a coin or a key into a soda can. Just watch the video.

"Oh awesome, I'd love to do that trick… I wonder what's the creative method behind this, that allows me to do this without having a big hole in the can?!" Oh, wait. There is a big hole. If that would be the case, wouldn't it be misleading advertisement? Wouldn't the video suggest that the can is actually unharmed. It cannot be shown 360 degrees!

Dalton Wayne has a really good video camera and is really good at editing his stuff so it looks amazing. And trust me his loves video editing. On his YouTube channel he has this little piece of fake video:

The comments below are his fans asking him to publish it. Here is the secret. Final Cut Pro or any other video editing software.

A while ago Dalton Wayne used to be a YouTube user named "iwilleatthebag" and he still has awesome little videos online. Almost all are in artsy black and white. Copying the look and feel of almost all that insanely talented Daniel Madison has put out.

So I guess by now Dalton Wayne has at least found himself an image. That of a self-assured, flamboyant personality with hints of dapper fashion sense. Well whatever floats your boat. But here is what Dalton Wayne is not. A creative magician. He is really good at emulation. He pretends to contribute to the magic community. His stuff is poorly structured magic. First method that comes up usually is the modus operandi. His demo videos really make the effect look good. I think he should work for Criss Angel.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Makes me roll my eyes!

This is too much, too much! The following is straight from some magicians website.

Censored is an internationally known polymath who believes his purpose on planet Earth is to serve others by being a loving, passionate, and powerful example of how to live a productive, meaningful, and positive life. He’s a prolific author, seasoned traveler, adventurer, entrepreneur, producer, inventor, veteran, entertainer, and speaker-just to mention a few.

He holds a Masters of Business Administration, attended law school, and is the only America to have graduated with a Masters of Global Security from the Defense Academy of the United Kingdom, at the Royal Military College of Science. He has an insatiable appetite for learning and personal growth, and continues to work towards other qualifications as time permits, including further post-graduate courses in eBusiness and marketing, and doctoral work in leadership and history.

Censored is also a reality television personality, presenter, actor, and as a practicing magician and mentalist, who has amazed audiences at private functions, corporate events, in the theater, and on televisions all over the world.

And while all that may sound really cool, he doesn’t think any of it matters a single bit unless he is using it to serve others. His true love will always be helping those in need; after wearing a uniform for most of his adult life, this dedicated humanitarian now volunteers his time to provide in-field emergency assistance and protective security services in current conflict theaters, former military operational zones, and in areas of extreme poverty, famine, or that have been affected by disasters such as fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and tsunamis.

Anyone reading this, with a bit of brain will know that all of that might be true, but that this is misleading. And a guy with such misleading intentions must either be a scam artist or be insane.

Dreams Are Weird!

This is the Magic Failure Patrol! Drop your deck of cards and raise your hands. Now walk slowly towards the officer with the ungimmicked handcuffs. You are arrested because you did bad magic. The spectators you held hostage with stock one liners and the promise of a great magic trick have been freed.

You will be given the chance to explain yourself. But no exposure! In order to prepare yourself for that hearing you need to work through the entirety of the Tarbell Course in Magic. You will be tested. If you do not see the errors of your ways after that, you will be brought before a judge. It's up to him to decide what punishment you will receive. If you get lucky, you only need to throw away all of your Ellusionist DVDs and you will be forced to read the Books of Wonder. However, if the judge had a bad day (most likely by having watched a bad magic show) you'll be taken into a magic camp.

There you will learn the basics all over again.

1. Don't suck!
2. Be likable!
3. Be humble!
4. Master your material!
5. Rehearse!
6. Toss the salad! (Don't know how that one got in there)
7. Honor your masters!
8. Don't steal tricks or lines!

Only then will you be allowed to touch a deck of cards again! Now follow me to the car!

WMF Magic For Jesus

You eventually commit a sin in your life. And good deeds don't make that sin go away. Only the belief in Jesus will clear you from that sin and get you to heaven. What a lame ass excuse not to do good deeds is that? You can be a sinner all you want, as long as you live according to Jesus' teachings you will eventually be forgiven. And what did Jesus teach? Among many things this: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." [Matthew. v. 3.] So dumb people go to heaven? Unfaithful people go to heaven? If so, then this week's magic failure will definitely go to heaven.

This man, faithful as he is, feels the need to teach others about Jesus 'n Stuff. That alone is a topic to be covered somewhere else. The method to teach is to use magic. And this is where I draw the line. I absolutely don't like Gospel magic. And all because my beloved magic is abused like little catholic choir boys.

On his website he clearly states his mission.
We believe that God is not boring. Church shouldn't be either. We like going to church. You should too. And so should your kids.
If that is true, why does he use magic to do that? It feels like some sort of giant misdirection. Like luring the kids into church with the promise of a magic show, but then hitting them with dogmatism. And that is misuse of magic.

But that's not all... watch this:

So does this man live what he teaches? Well I can't tell, but he is exposing magic. All of the "performances" are by YouTube user "magicforjesus". But then I stumbles upon YouTube user "quintlox" who is clearly the same guy. And then he goes one explaining the TT and "Equal Unequal Ropes".

Interestingly "quintlox" gives great thumbs up to "magicforjesus" pushing the ratings of the video in a really pathetic and obvious way. Wasn't there something in the teachings of Jesus that refer to being humble? I could be mistaken.

Anyway: There is no name given at the Magic for Jesus website. What kind of Christian behaviour is that? Hiding the name?

Anyways I learned something about Jesus after watching our unnamed preacher. Jesus died for me. Like seriously. On that cross, bleeding and in pain. He died for all of us. He took one for the team. That means that I don't have to make any effort to get into heaven. Because he loves me. Even though he doesn't know me. Wow a platonic bromance. Nope, I'll pass.

I rather be good, because it makes sense to be good. Not because somebody tells me to.

WTF Why is he doing this?


WTF Why is he doing this?

Bernard Bilis, seriously?

Postin' da truth!

Hey Magic Café I'm talkin' to ya! Why you deletin' threads? They no threats. Answer me this sweetheart!

You afraid of differing opinions? You hatin' the discussion?

The reason: Possible lawsuit? If so... removing big ass claimer "All content and postings Copyright © 2001- 2012 Steve Brooks" would help.

Let da people's words be their own!

Flame War < Actual resolutions!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

How to spice up your linking rings!

Yesterday I was performing medieval style. In a castle courtyard with a well in the middle. The well was constantly overflowing creating a nice magical surface.

I asked myself, why not to use it in a magic way. I started producing coins from the well. I dipped my magic wand in there and produced a ball from the tip of the wand. Then I placed the ball into my left hand as the right hand with the wand dipped into the water again, then tapping the left hand to make the ball vanish. That's some built in motivation right there.

Realizing that I am building up the water as a power claim it struck me that the linking rings would greatly benefit from the magic water. So I showed two rings, dipped them into the water, linked them and came out with the small chain. Then I dipped in the 2-set and seemingly did the same effect. I could hand out the 2-set and the reaction I got was much stronger than those crash links. Then the usual antics and finally both chains of 2 would fuse inside the water to the chain of 4. It really is an eerie sight pulling out the ring from the water. Even though there is no difference in handling, the whole procedure felt very different. The effect was different. The water caused the magic.

If you got an endlessly overflowing well, use it!

Totally Off Topic

I really don't like to go off topic on this magic blog, but I have seen the following video. I never saw such an asshole. He has no idea what he is talking about. He oversimplifies, draws wrong conclusions, if any and even dares to say that he is interested in science. What fucking idiot. And that is not based on science, but my own opinion.

This guy made me angry. He is not trying to say that creationism is right, but he is trying to willfully hurt those who use the scientific method to further understand the universe. And the way he does it is by misdirection. He starts with one liners and jokes, which could have been in the repertoire of any close up magician.  And then he brushes over the topics in a breathtaking speed which make it hard to argue against, because one is hit with the next wall of bullshit a second later.

I'm all for freedom of speech and all. But he is just an fucking idiot.

Make sure you watch this too... before watching the above video. Kind of stupid of me to set them up in the wrong order!

Know Who Henri Descremps Was?


Nah, didn't think so...


Cryptic Headline!

When did Paul Harris start slapping his shitty name on every magic product?

Almost as bad as Harry Lorayne!

The sad thing... whenever I hear the name Paul Harris I think of the little man and what an over hyped piece of shit it was. And having that in mind I can't take any product seriously even if it actually is good.

WMF Aoni Jackson

One can fail in many regards. Misjudgment is one of them. If you are a magic stripper. That means you use magic to enhance your "stripping" skill. There is a certain audience for that. A very, very small target group but I'm sure it exists.

But here is what the target audience is not. The whole freaking TV audience.

Hypothetical scenario: You're eating razor blades. For what audience won't you do that trick? Kids!

Another one: You have cigarette routine. For what audience won't you do that routine? A lung cancer symposium.

Another one: You have an awesome Dead or Alive test. For what audience won't you do that experiment? A retirement home.

Another one: You have a "Hofzinser"-esque card routine. For what audience won't you do that piece? Young people in noisy places.

The same sort of reasoning also works the other way. You can tell what tricks are great for a certain type of audience.

Here you go: You do the bra trick. What audience will love that trick? Middle aged men having a party with a female stripper.

Another one: You do a cups and balls routine with lot's of corny jokes. What audience is perfect for this? A street audience.

Another one: You got this trick, where you pluck a coin from somebody's ear. What audience is suitable for this age old trick. Anyone, but especially kids.

So using this sort of deductive thinking: What audience is the right one for ring flight to the nipple using stock jokes? Middle aged ladies, that party hard in a club with no husbands around, because they are having a party with a female stripper.

I'm sure there are more venues, thinking of certain gay clubs and tattoo conventions and erotic trade shows, but not TV!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Too lazy to research!

So what is this all about? Rus Andrews releases and effect called "Numbers"

Then Jamie Allan comes along claiming that Rus Andrews has stolen his effect:
On the 28th May, Rus Andrews releases an effect called "Numbers" on DVD, through Magic Tao. This is an EXACT COPY of my effect "WTF" that I released on my website as a download in 2008.

At the time of my release, Rus Andrews purchased the download and emailed me to say he'd created a routine that used a COUPLE OF MY IDEAS from WTF and could he put them on a self-published PDF he was wanting to release. I replied and said that yes, he could use those ideas with my blessing. Sadly rather than use a couple of bits, he used the entire method. He'd taken the number force technique, the deck stack and the displacement method that I created (since used by Shin Limm without credit either).
The only real change was to remove the final phase where a 'random' card is named. Instead Rus has a prediction inside an envelope. Hardly a major change by any stretch of the imagination. As a working professional I didn't have the time or inclination to contact him again due to work commitments, but I was very disappointed. Mostly because he credited me only slightly and certainly gave the impression that "Numbers" was his routine and idea.

Over the past few months I have been working with Russ Stevens at RSVP, creating ideas for a new DVD featuring my presentations and ideas. The format is a unique one, which I'm sure you'll hear more about soon and also features several of my routines, one of which was "WTF" as a stage presentation. I now hear that Rus Andrews is about to release "Numbers" onto DVD. I immediately contacted him and told him he didn't have my permission for this and that he should withdraw the product from release. I received a rather arrogant and matter of fact email stating that I should have told him when he originally asked to use the "couple of ideas" that he couldn't release them on DVD. That it was my problem. So, he contacts me and states the release is for a self-produced PDF. I was gracious enough to say yes and now this is how he responds to my original kindness.
It appears that Rus Andrews and Magic Tao will argue that his small alteration to the effect, warrants a DVD under his name . This is not the case as apart from this tiny change, it is completely my routine. Rus Andrews tells me that I should have told him originally that he couldn't release my effect on DVD, but doesn't seem to grasp that it was he that sought my permission to use a couple of bits to use on a PDF. He has never mentioned the fact that he was releasing the DVD of my routine and it was his responsibility to ask me, not the other way round. To say otherwise is the most ridiculous excuse I can imagine.

I've read other posts here and see that Jeff Pierce also has an issue with Rus Andrews regarding one of his other releases, "Evolution". Jeff asked why he and Charlie Justice weren't asked for permission as it's discussed on the 'Prohibition' DVD. Rus Andrews never answered that question and I guess we all know exactly why that was. Before release, it's been pointed out to Rus Andrews that he doesn't have permission and yet still he goes ahead. Seems like he thinks he can act with impunity and without respect and regard for the original creators. This should not be allowed to happen.

Rus Andrews and Magic Tao plan on releasing "Numbers" it onto DVD without my consent or permission and to do so and they are fully aware of the situation and yet despite my objections as the creator, he and Magic Tao are still going ahead.

So what do I do now???

The release of "WTF" was one of the routines on my upcoming project with RSVP and is now negated. As the creator, that's not right. I've therefore decided to post the full routine for "WTF" up onto the internet for you all to enjoy for FREE and in the process you can avoid purchasing "Numbers'. If you like the effect and think you can use it, I ask that you click on the link that will be provided on the relevant page and make a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation. That way a little good can come out of the situation for me at least. Who knows, maybe Rus Andrews will see the light and donate some of the money he made from his PDF sales too?

"WTF" is a completely hands off ACAAN using a REGULAR deck of cards that can be throughly examined before and after. I think you should check out the full routine. I am even including the many improvements I have made to the method since its original release. This is not a sales ploy, but an attempt to not let Rus Andrews profit any further from my creation and most importantly claim the method of "Numbers' as his idea.

I'm currently performing abroad and will shoot the effect and explanation this week. The upload will go live on June the 1st and I'll post the link here then for you all to enjoy. I hope you like it and have fun with it.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy 'WTF'.


Jamie Allen

Anybody know more about this?

It's been bothering me!

I gotta give Jay Sankey a bit of credit. When he came up with the "Three Ring Circus" it was a smart move to use real key rings. They are instantly recognized as a normal object and people know about their properties...
They know that they can be linked. That brings any linking routine into a believable realm. Yet the links look magical, making that precious "suspension of disbelief" much easier for the audience.

Now if you are going to do a linking ring routine using tiny little rings, I'd say go for the "Three Ring Circus" by Jay Sankey.

Knowing that the Magic Makers' version sucks major ass.

Dear Magic Makers.... or better dear Rob Stiff. If you gonna steal at least steal correctly. You ripped of the design of the Mystery Box by John Kennedy and you managed to created a product that looks cheap even in your poor attempt at advertising. But I guess people will buy it anyway. They will probably look past the tell tale handling and give two shits about the actual designer of that particular box.

Same goes for your "Magic Cartoon Deck" Not only did you manage to not get the credits straight you even tell a flat out lie. You say: "Based on an original effect in the same playing card flip book format with an animated magic top hat and dove flying out from 1954 and 1959 by Educards of Canada"

That maybe true but is not the inspiration that you had for real. You just copied the Card Toon Deck. And you even did it wrong. It is supposed to look like you just doodled on the back of the cards. In your version the drawings are clearly printed on. The white color gives it away that it really isn't any normal deck, but a special magic deck, therefore making the effect worthless. Again.... if you gonna steal at least steal correctly.

Quote of the Week

“Magic is a powerful art
that can support a weak performer.” – Ricky Jay

Felching that Cunt aka Fucking Coins!

How is that for an offensive title? There is a DVD out. Called Fucking Coins, by Philippe Bougard and Clement Kerstenne two young Belgian magicians who seem to be full of little ideas how to spice up old coin work. They are far from being good, but that's doesn't stop people from releasing stuff. (Weapons of Mass Destruction comes to mind. Yes I read the whole darn thing.) But naturally people get excited not because of the content, but because of the title. It's offensive and vile.

The cover art for the DVD is is a lady pressing her boobs together to support a coin for crying out loud. But first... watch the trailer:

Offended by the magic or just the title? He was flipping the bird near the end only to produce a coin. People who are offended: Grow the fuck up! Offensive words have a function in any language. They are meant to offend people. The masses get polarized. In those who take it with the grain of salt and laugh about it and those who are easily aggrieved. Like Michael Rubenstein. There is a lengthy tread over at the Green Monster about the DVD. Mr. Rubenstein had the following to say:
As a parent, I would not allow my child to purchase this, and as an adult, I wouldn't buy it on principle. I am guessing the producers are from another country, and perhaps (extending a long leash here) they don't understand the implication of the word. Perhaps they think its hip. This is why we get names like Ninja, Stealth, Jet. But that word? It's a slap in the face. Certain words, swear ,racist, or otherwise, have no place being used in our profession. I can only imagine the backlash if I used a French, Italian, or German swear word intentionally in a title. Freedom of speech gives them the freedom to call it whatever they want, but I for one hope our US distributors do not sell it. A lesson should be learned here.
Well I assume he's not the target audience for that.
If I wanna offend, words like "fuck" are a great asset. But I don't have to rely on those. I can use really nice words to tell others how bad they are. I got a whole blog devoted to that. But I can use really nasty words to mean very positive things. "Wow, the was the best fucking ride I ever had in my entire life."

There is no bad language. There is only you who can stand stuff. But words? Really? Words? Four letters, strung together is a "slap in the face"? No it's not. Some people love to swear, it makes them feel liberated from the straight jacket known as formal speech.

And maybe, just maybe that feeling of liberation is the sole motivation to call that coin DVD "Fucking Coins." Being free from those old dusty plot, from the same tried and true patter, from coin mold that Michael Rubinstein and folks feel so comfortable in. It's two young Belgian magicians, who freed themselves from the box. Now they are thinking outside the box. And they did that with a mission statement: "Fucking Coins"

Both Philippe Bougard and Clement Kerstenne obviously love coin magic. But they also very obviously don't like the old school approach. So they added fire, visual moves and some young rebellious attitude.

You can argue about that. Not about the title.

So did they succeed with the DVD? Not really I think. Watch this:

They have a lot to learn about coins.

But wanna know the real reason why the DVD is called "Fucking Coins"?
Suddenly people talk about it!

Oy Vey! Dan Harlan.... What are you doing!

Dan Harlan's releases are hit and miss. Here is a big fat miss:

What's up with the missing personality, the half backed tricks, the badly executed tried and true tricks, the obvious palms, the unmotivated ditching and stealing of props, the constant fumbling...

Yeah... I would not put that anyone's repertoire.

Colombini to the Rescue

Mass spam private message by Steve Brooks via MC...:
Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks - your magic will never be the same again!
Wow, just wow.

I just love how self workers are treated "ultimate". The sad thing, people interested in this are not the people that should be performing those. It takes an experienced worker who to truly milk a good self working card trick. It's just for the pros.

But those who won't go through the trouble of actually learning a double lift will be the ones that buy the DVD. Guess what else they not gonna learn? Showmanship.

Are you looking forwards to endless dealing and lines like "I got a lucky card"?

"Tutorials on Charlier Shuffle, Jay Ose Cut, Breather Crimp, Bobby Bernard False Cut & Riffle Shuffle (for those who want to take the tricks to the next level of deceptiveness)." (from the BBM website)

Wow, the Charlier Shuffle is the next level of deceptiveness. That means that a Zarrow Shuffle would be even more of a level. Then the Push Through Shuffle. What's then... Game Over man, Game Over!

Btw: A true selfworker has the magician not handling the cards at all. That's key!

WMF Andriy Chekanyuk

Russia has a TV. Hard to believe I know.... On channel 3 there is a show called "Surprise Me" and boy did young Ukrainian Andriy Chekanyuk surprise.

Usually when people copy an act, they tend to put there own spin on it, by adding a joke or by adding a trick. Not so out 23-year-old Andriy Chekanyuk. He just copied Piff the Magic Dragon.

Oh wait maybe I was wrong, he has guinea pig instead of a dog. But watch the video first:

How do you feel now? Is your view on the magic community shattered? This is the norm guys. Usually not that blatant, but copying is the norm. Watch young people perform. You can always tell what DVD's they own. This dickhead took it way too far.

The judge even calls him out on that. "there is a famous magician who works in the same costume with the same act but the only difference is that he has a little dog and you have a little guinea pig." (around 9.50)
At least John is aware of this and released a nice comparison video.